Berea College Scholarship for International Students 2023/24

Berea College Scholarship for International Students 2023/24

International students from around the globe who want to pursue undergraduate studies at Berea College USA for the academic year 2022 are eligible for the Berea College Scholarship. The Berea College Scholarship will finance 100% of all enrolled overseas students for the first year of attendance. Read along to know how you can take advantage of this opportunity and get a fully financed scholarship at Berea College. 

Berea College Scholarship for International Students 

Berea College is the only institution in the United States to provide full financing to all enrolled overseas students for the first year of enrollment. Financial assistance and scholarships offset tuition, lodging, board, and fees.

International students must save $1,000 (US) annually for their costs in the following years. The college gives international students summer employment so they may fulfill this requirement.

International accepted applicants are required to make a $2,200 (US) deposit and pay a $50 (US) admission fee to secure their participation. International students may utilize this deposit for certain costs throughout their four years of education. Additional financial help is offered to students who cannot pay the whole or a part of the deposit.

Through the College’s Work Program, every international student is given access to paid on-campus work for the academic year. The first year’s pay, or around $2,000, may be used by students to pay for personal needs.

About Berea College 

Berea College was established as a private college in 1855. It is located in a rural area, with a 140-acre campus and 1,468 undergraduate students (fall 2021). The academic calendar is based on semesters. Berea College is ranked #26 in National Liberal Arts Colleges’ Best Colleges 2022–2023.

The first interracial and coeducational institution in the South, Berea College, is in the Kentucky city of Berea. Berea differs from other institutions in that there are no tuition fees for students to attend. For the institution to be able to support the student’s academic goals, endowment revenue, contributions, and financial assistance are all important. Each student must do a minimum of 10 hours of authorized work on campus or in the neighborhood each week. In addition to 28 degree-granting programs, there are more than 70 organizations where students may become involved. All students must reside on campus except those who are married, have children, or are older than 23. With 16 varsity programs, Berea College is a part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The Mountaineers are the name of its sporting teams.

Under the EDGE Program, a laptop is given to each student accepted to Berea College for use throughout their time there. The Woods-Penniman Commons, which has a student café and recreational lounges known on school as the “loud” lounges, is frequented by students wishing to unwind while on campus. Moreover, half of the student population at Berea College participates in the school’s study abroad program, demonstrating how well-liked it is. John Bennett Fenn, the winner of the Chemistry Nobel Prize, is one of the college’s notable graduates.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for the Berea College Scholarship must meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • English is a required language.
  • All nations around the globe are eligible.
  • Form for International Admission and Scholarship.
  • Personal Statement Cover Sheet for International Students.
  • At least one of the following examinations’ official results: SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS. To meet the deadline and include a copy of your test results in your package, you should register and take the exam as soon as possible.
  • Records from the secondary school.
  • Personal Financial Situation Statement.
  • Financial Questionnaire for International Use (IFQ).
  • Form for Financial Recommendation Internationally.
  • Two (2) forms for admission recommendations, at least one of which must be completed by a teacher who is either now teaching or has just retired.

Selection Process:

Berea College aims to serve as many students from as many different countries as possible, even though foreign enrollment is only around 25 new students each fall. Successful applicants have a history of exceptional academic success and a strong sense of educational purpose.

Berea College does not offer English to students who have not yet mastered the language. International students must have a strong command of the English language to read assigned texts and other materials, engage in class discussions and lectures, and complete written and other tasks. 

All registered international students will be evaluated to determine if they might benefit from taking an ESL course in the first semester. Some students also need to take an extra ESL course in the second semester. The Nursing program requires a higher level of English ability (TOEFL iBT 83, with a 26 in the spoken section). 

Students who are accepted to Berea with a lower level of English proficiency will not be allowed to enroll in the major until the necessary scores are obtained. Students who do not fulfill the TOEFL iBT criterion before the first day of their third term of enrollment at Berea will be offered the chance to retake the exam, but they will not be permitted to pursue the Nursing major. Students will not be accepted to the major if admitted to Berea with a lower level of English proficiency until the necessary scores are obtained.

Berea College Scholarship Award

Berea College does not charge an application fee. Berea College scholarship provides funding for international students to attend for four years. Once accepted, we require that each overseas student submit a $50 registration fee and a $2,200 deposit before arriving in Berea to assist cover costs for an emergency, medical, and dental care, as well as other unforeseen expenditures. If family funds are insufficient, students may request a waiver from paying the deposit. Upon graduation, the deposit’s remaining amount will be repaid. It is crucial to have the deposit while at Berea.

Berea College’s financing covers the cost of education (the equivalent of tuition) for up to four years. The first year’s lodging and board expenses are also entirely covered.

How to Apply for a Scholarship at Berea College?

Please adhere to the guidelines below while applying for the Berea College Scholarship:

  • Download the application form from this page and complete it.
  • Send the completed application and necessary documents to the Berea College Office of Admissions at 209 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403, USA.


What criteria must you meet to get admitted?

Candidates must have exceptional secondary or leaving test scores and fulfill all prerequisites for admission to universities in their home countries. Additionally, candidates must provide their results from one of the recognized standardized examinations, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, or Duolingo. Each exam has a mandatory minimum score of:

  • 520 (paper-based), 190 (computer-based), and 68 on the TOEFL (internet-based)
  • IELTS: 6.5 overall and 5.5 in each category
  • ACT: Composite 19
  • SAT: a combined score of 980
  • 95 in Duolingo

When is the deadline for applications?

By January 15th, applications must be completed and sent. To be considered for early consideration, students must submit their applications by the early action deadline of October 15th. Each August, the new school year starts.

Can international students submit more than one application for admission?

Yes, and a lot of people do. However, doing so does not increase the likelihood of acceptance. An applicant’s chances may sometimes be improved by retaking and improving on an English proficiency test.

Should I take the TOEFL?

All candidates must provide their TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, or Duolingo test results. There aren’t any exclusions to this rule.

According to the College Board, colleges should not accept TOEFL results that are older than two years. Berea College may consider earlier TOEFL results in exceptional cases, although it seldom does so for tests completed more than five years ago.

When are decisions about admissions made?

An email confirmation will be issued to the applicant after completing the application package. In January, all candidates will be informed of the status of their admission decision. By no later than March 31st, final admissions choices will be made public.

When will accepted students get their I-20s?

International accepted international applicants will be given an I-20 after paying the $50 admission fee, the mandatory $2,200 deposit, and all necessary paperwork (e.g., passport bio page, medical history form).

What is the annual cost?

All accepted overseas students get financial help and scholarships that fully cover tuition, lodging, board, and other costs for the first year of study. International students are required to save $1,000 (US) each year after that to help cover their costs. The college gives international students summer employment so they may fulfill this requirement. Accepted overseas students must submit a $2,200 (US) deposit and a $50 (US) entry fee to confirm their admission. International students may utilize this deposit for certain costs throughout their four years of education. Additional financial help is offered to students who cannot pay the whole or a part of the deposit.

When must I pay the $2,200 deposit and $50 admission fee?

The student must pay by May 1st if they want to enroll. The Office of Admissions will send a letter to applicants who have accepted Berea’s offer of admission, outlining the payment deadline and providing directions for doing so. Depending on the student’s family’s financial situation, the college does have various resources for financial assistance to assist in covering this sum. Before the required payment is received, the I-20 cannot be released.

How can I increase my chances of receiving an admissions offer?

We advise you to pay close attention to your personal essay since it will enable the International Admissions Committee to learn more about you as a person and comprehend why you are applying to Berea College and your future job goals.

How are selections for admission made?

The members of the international admissions committee thoroughly assess academic qualifications, financial need, ambition and a sense of purpose, recommendations, cultural and geographic diversity, and other factors while reading and reviewing each qualifying application.

Does Berea College allow transfers from abroad?

Berea College does accept applications from overseas transfer students. Still, we usually save our minimal space for students who have never had the chance to pursue higher education at home or abroad. Additionally, you must adhere to the foreign application criteria and attach any transcripts from colleges you have previously attended if you have received any university credit after finishing high school.

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