Best Business Universities in the UK in 2022

Best Business Universities in the UK in 2022

Many students around the world are choosing to pursue an international MBA degree. Two of the world’s most respected business school rankings produce yearly lists of the finest business schools for overseas students. There are many MBA programs in the world’s leading institutions, with many of the UK’s premier business universities ranked among the top 50 globally.

A wide range of business degree programs are available in the United Kingdom and are taught by experienced international faculty and have strong industry contacts. The United Kingdom is often regarded as a global leader in business education. More than a few of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs and CEOs have degrees from UK colleges, and students worldwide flock to them. It’s not just the quality of education that sets them apart; they also offer a wide range of networking possibilities and well-balanced student life.

Are you looking for a top university to further your academic or professional goals? Look no further. We’ve produced a list of the leading UK business schools for 2022 to make it easier for you to locate the perfect fit. Read on for the complete list.

Best Business Universities in the United Kingdom

Numerous prestigious business universities in the United Kingdom can enhance your resume and position you for success in today’s challenging job environment.

Even though rankings are not always 100% correct, it is crucial to keep in mind; as a result, no university scoring system can account for every student’s unique needs and ambitions. In addition, rankings of business schools might be skewed by the fact that they play an essential role in attracting students. Job recruiters may utilize university rankings to make hiring decisions, which could lead to even more students from the top institutions being hired in the future. For lower-ranked business universities, it may be impossible to break into the top 10 even if they enhance their educational quality.

For those who only trust the most credible rankings, it’s a good idea to incorporate them into your decision-making process while choosing an institution. 

  • London Business School (LBS)

The London Business School (LBS) is one of the world’s most prestigious business schools, ranked among the best by Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times for its academic excellence and industry experience.

One of the best institutions in the UK, LBS consistently ranks in the top 70 of the country’s universities. The University of London’s London Business School is well-known for consistently ranking in the top five percent of all universities globally. “Social Sciences and Management” is ranked 12th on the planet by this University. According to this metric, LBS is among the best in the world when it comes to educational quality, and it takes pride in its place among the top 300 universities in the world. Employers in the UK and worldwide hold this University in high regard.

Additionally, LBS provides the Sloan Fellowship Degree, a master’s in finance, a master’s in management, a Ph.D., and non-masters programs for business professionals and a master’s in finance (also known as a master’s in finance program). Students from almost 100 nations attend the SchoolSchool each year, and the Executive Education Team supports another 10,000 executives.

Best Business Universities: London Business School

Complementary activities surround your primary studies. MBA and MiF students and graduates working in the world’s most prestigious companies serve as mentors for you. Students organize most school events and conferences that feature world-renowned speakers from various fields, including politics, finance, sports, and the arts, who share their knowledge and experience about entrepreneurship, success, and leadership.

Paying for college is not cheap. At least $20,000 is required to complete a year of bachelor’s studies at LBS. Master’s students who desire to study in this country should budget at least $20,000 per year. The University’s official website has additional details on costs, admission requirements, and available programs.

To apply to London Business School’s postgraduate program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You hold a university qualification, such as a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Your GMAT score, advisably, is more than 600. Each program will vary in the recommended minimum score, and the average scores will vary. We also accept the GRE.
  • You have passed London Business School’s executive assessment (only applicable if you are applying to their EMBA, EMBA-Global, and Sloan programs)
  • You have the CFA level one and want to apply for the MFA; neither a GMAT nor GRE score is needed (NB, this only applies to the MFA)
  • You have proof of your proficiency in English, such as the TOEFL IBT, IELTS, CAE/CPE, or PTE, or have lived, studied, or worked in an English-speaking environment for two or more years.
  • You have two referees, ideally one academic and one professional.
  • You have no more than two years of work experience if you apply to one of the early career programs. If you are applying to mid-career or senior programs, please check the varying experience levels required.


  • University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s top five universities and the second-oldest in the English-speaking world. Members of the Russell Group, the Coimbra Group, the European Research Universities League, and the International Alliance of Research Universities all recognize the University as a leader in research in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it is a part of the “Golden Triangle,” a cluster of the world’s most prestigious scientific institutes.

With 87 percent of its submissions rated as “world-leading” or “internationally excellent,” the University of Cambridge received the best UK results for aeronautical and electronic engineering, business, management, chemistry, and classics and clinical medicine in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

In the county of Cambridgeshire, roughly 80 miles north of London, is the great city of Cambridge. It is dominated by the university buildings, which date back over 800 years and have played an essential role in the city’s development. A tiny town like Cambridge means that practically all of the University’s colleges and departments are within walking distance. Cambridge is known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the United States, and a bus service connects them.

Best Business Universities-Corpus Christi, University of Cambridge

Stansted, Luton, Heathrow, and Gatwick are just a few of the major airports serving the city of Cambridge. Direct trains from London and all four airports take around an hour to reach Cambridge by National Express coach.

Because of this, Cambridge is unique among collegiate universities in that it has no central campus and instead consists of 31 independent colleges united under the Cambridge name. Although each college is a part of Cambridge, it is also very autonomous. They are in charge of hiring all of their professors and fellows, choosing which students to accept, supervising undergraduates, and overseeing their student’s and employees’ living circumstances and well-being. For a student to get accepted into a college and the degree to be a success, they must choose the correct college.

Throughout its history, Cambridge has produced the most Nobel laureates (89), while Trinity College alone has produced more Nobel laureates than all of France combined. The University of Cambridge is the third-largest landowner in the United Kingdom, following the Queen and the Church of England.

Some of the world’s most prestigious companies seek out graduates from Cambridge University’s esteemed academic programs, making it one of the UK’s top ten most sought-after universities (Graduate Outcome 2021). The University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education offers online courses from Cambridge University (ICE).

Each University has its own unique set of housing options, and they might be somewhat dissimilar. Most colleges have their residences in Cambridge, although they can also accommodate students for three years of college. You can also arrange private rental housing in the town through the Accommodation Service.

  • University of Oxford

One of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions, the University of Oxford has 38 separate colleges and six permanent private residence halls. At the same time, it is a core member of the European and a founding member of the Russell Group, a network of research-focused universities in the United Kingdom and Europe. When it comes to academics, Oxford is one of the top five universities globally. There is a long history of outstanding thinkers and professors at Oxford University, home to some of the world’s greatest minds.

Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework ranks Oxford as one of the best universities in Britain for students’ job prospects. An Oxford graduate’s salary five years after graduation is about £43,000. In addition, the University boasts the highest percentage of students graduating with a 2:1 or higher and the highest percentage of students graduating with a first in the United Kingdom.

According to the World Rankings, the University of Oxford is one of the top six “superbrand” universities globally. The University of Oxford Also, the University of Oxford is the best in the UK for research quality. A whopping 48% of the University’s research was rated four* or above, while only 39% was rated 3* or lower. Oxford also came out on top in 12 other categories for the sheer number of world-class research conducted there.

Best Business Universities-University of Oxford

From Magdalen College, founded in 1458 to establish a grand institution, to Balliol College, which has housed five Nobel laureates, each of Oxford University’s colleges is distinct and serves a particular function.

The University of Oxford’s International Office offers various services to prospective students and current students, including assistance with questions about studying at Oxford, obtaining a visa, and adjusting to life in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the International Orientation Program at the beginning of the year is organized by this division. Oxford’s Language Centre caters specifically to overseas students. The college administration can also provide personal assistance.

Those enrolled in the Oxford Said MBA program represent a genuinely international cross-section of the global business community. Rewriting the rules of the game is what our alumni and students are doing worldwide, whether they are working in the White House, opening up post-Soviet governments to outside commerce and investment, or transforming the social networking arena in China. Since every class is unique, our alums go on to hold a wide range of professions, including the following:

Entrepreneurship With 65 spinout companies generating 1,500 jobs, Oxford University has a proven track record of innovation. Entrepreneurs and networks that would not have been formed had it not been for Sad Business School’s role in bringing enterprises, and the University together have flourished. MBA students are immersed in entrepreneurial thinking because of this.

University of Oxford’s Said Business School’s Finance Sad is a powerhouse of financial know-how. Our professors are redefining what it means to be a business person. They perform cutting-edge research and offer expert advice to businesses, governments, and non-profits worldwide. Many of the school’s alumni have achieved great success in the financial sector, and those who have honed their financial acumen while attending the school.

  • University of Manchester

Known for its pioneering discoveries and high-quality research, the University of Manchester is a historic institution. This Russell Group university, which can trace its roots back to 1824, boasts a vibrant city campus and some of the best-funded student amenities in the UK. International students flock to this top-ranked University because of the high caliber of its faculty, the wide range of career opportunities available to them upon graduation, and the rich cultural diversity of its student body, which numbers more than 160 nationalities.

In its nearly two-hundred-year history, the University of Manchester has established itself as one of its most esteemed educational institutions. According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, it ranks 6th in the United Kingdom and 27th globally. This further strengthens its position as a globally renowned university.

Graphene and the contraceptive pill are just two examples of how the University of Manchester has played a pivotal role in scientific and social advancements that have impacted the world. As many as 25 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from and worked at this University, making it one of the most prestigious.

As the UK’s largest campus-based business and management school, Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS) is an excellent choice for students. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, Alliance MBS provides more than 50 courses that have been recognized by the Financial Times (2021), Forbes, and Bloomberg as among the world’s best.

University of Manchester

In addition to a global presence, Alliance MBS offers programs with a wide range of completion dates, international diversity, and high-quality training. Besides the main SchoolSchool in Manchester, it has overseas centers in Dubai, Hong Kong, So Paolo, Shanghai, and Singapore. Approximately 7,000 students from 85 countries attend Alliance Manchester Business School programs each year.

Admissions at Alliance MBS for international students are handled holistically. Applicants must also have an IELTS score of 6.5, compelling personal statements and letters of recommendation, and stellar academic records. In addition, international students must pay between 25 and 50 lakhs each year in tuition and living costs.

Alumni from the Alliance Manchester Business School come from 176 countries worldwide. Additionally, the alumni network assists current students and guides them through finding jobs at organizations like Airbus, Deloitte, the Bank of EnglandIBM, Warner Brothers, and Boeing. Alliance MBS alums take home an annual salary of £100,000 (USD 124,000).

  • Warwick Business School

The University of Warwick’s Business School (WBS) is one of the most esteemed business schools in the world. More than ten undergraduate programs, 15 postgraduate programs, a full-time MBA, and a Ph.D. at the Warwick School of Industrial and Business Studies.

In a lovely location in the middle of England, Warwick Business School is just an hour from London and just 20 minutes from Birmingham Airport. The 87-story Shard, where the school maintains a campus on the 17th level, is in the center of London Bridge, one of the city’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

Students can take advantage of many amenities and services on the Warwick campus. A grocery, banks, post offices, pharmacies, bookshops, and hairdressers can all be found near the piazza and the Students’ Union building.

Warwick Business School has a worldwide reputation for quality in terms of league tables.

The University of Warwick boasts one of the widest selections of on-campus housing in the United Kingdom. In addition to en-suite or shared bathroom facilities, a small quantity of same-sex accommodation is accessible at the University.


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In today’s economy, business schools prepare one for the future. The most outstanding programs at top business schools are in high demand, so many people apply to them. Some of the world’s most prestigious business schools provide its alumni the opportunity to work for some of its largest corporations. You may find a large number of business schools in the British Isles. We’ll go through the best five to get you started in this piece.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in business in the United Kingdom, the schools listed above are options.



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