Best Law Schools in Florida in 2022

Best Law Schools in Florida in 2022

If you’ve made the decision to become a successful lawyer, you need to be extremely cautious while selecting your law school. The first step toward success in the legal profession is attending law school. There are several highly regarded law schools in Florida, but only a select number of them are producing renowned lawyers. This article can assist you in selecting Florida’s top law school. Read on as we discuss the best law schools in Florida you can study .

Why Is Florida a Good State to Study Law?

Some of the greatest legal programs and institutions in the nation are located in Florida. Many people think that the best law schools are in the Midwest and Northeast, but Florida has some of the best programs and professors in the country and world.

Universities in Florida offer students the chance to participate in clinical externships, faculty mentoring programs, student trial groups, and other possibilities. Florida law schools are diverse, interesting, and offer a lot. Many of them are only in their early 20s, but they already have a strong track record for placing graduates in outstanding jobs and producing top-notch attorneys.

On two of our density metrics, the ratio of law firms to total establishments and the number of attorneys per 1,000 workers, Florida comes in third place. In Florida, there were 5.49 attorneys for every 1,000 employees in 2018, and 3.04% of all businesses in the state were legal offices in 2016. Florida has the second-highest number of law firms per square mile of any of our top 10 states, just behind the District of Columbia.

Florida’s legal profession has grown less rapidly than attorneys in eight of our other top-10 states. The average yearly salary for attorneys was $122,020 in 2014, and it increased to $128,920 in 2018. Even though this is a gain of approximately $7,000, the percentage change is just 5.65%, which is less than the 6.58% national average for earnings growth.

Best Law Schools in Florida

Below are some of the best law schools in Florida. This is not an actual ranking. The numbers are used to improve readability. 

1 – Levin College of Law at the University of Florida

The Levin College of Law at the University of Florida (UF) is ranked 31st overall in the yearly rankings by US News and World Report. People think that UF Law is one of the best public law schools in the country, mostly because it puts equal weight on both classroom learning and hands-on training.

Over 80 full-time faculty members at UF Law collaborate with 50 adjunct professors and speakers. The faculty at the university are very busy. They write articles, evaluate work, and help students with their studies.

US News & World Report has recognized UF Law as offering the top tax courses out of all public law schools. 241 people made up the class of 2022. The median LSAT score was 167, while the typical GPA for admissions in 2022 was 3.86.

UF Law is by far one of the top law schools in Florida, with a bar pass rate of 70.9%. The University of Florida only provides admission for the autumn semester, so keep that in mind when you try to apply for your legal studies there. According to the university’s official 2021 data mandated by the ABA, 75.3% of 2022 graduates found work within ten months of receiving their degrees. Given the number of people who get in, the unemployment rate of 12.7% is pretty amazing.

In their first year of work in public service, graduates at UF Law earn an average salary of $45,000.

2 – St. Thomas University College of Law

The first law school in Florida was established in 1900 and is now known as Stetson University College of Law. It is listed as the 104th top law school in America by US News & World Report and has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools since 1931.

In terms of legal writing and trial advocacy, Stetson University College of Law is among the top schools in the nation. Students now have a tremendous chance to further their legal careers. The bar passing percentage for Stetson students was 72.3%.

The median LSAT required by the school is 155, which is seen to be a workable score by most candidates. The institution accepted 45.55% of applications, which is a favorable acceptance rate. The average GPA is now 3.36.

3 – College of Law at Florida International University

The College of Law at Florida International University (FIU) is one of the US law schools that is growing the quickest. According to US News and World Reports, FIU College of Law is the 91st-best law school in the country (USNWR).

Even though it received full accreditation in 2006, the FIU College of Law has gained recognition primarily for the quality of its academic offerings. A Trial Advocacy Program, an Intellectual Property Certificate, a Legal Skills and Values Board, an Internal Law program, and a Comparative Law program are just a few of the important specialization options at the school.

87.5% of FIU College of Law’s students pass the bar exam, which is an amazing figure. The Immigrant Children and Minors Justice Clinic, the Death Penalty Clinic, the Immigration Clinic, and the Human Rights Clinic are just a few of the noteworthy legal clinics that are available there.

The typical GPA is 3.64, and the median LSAT score is 157. If you have a strong academic record, it shouldn’t be too difficult to enroll at the FIU College of Law. You must also write a strong personal statement that shows how you would help the organization and the whole state of Florida. Serious law students have a good opportunity to start their legal profession right away after graduation due to the impressive 87% employment rate.

4 – Law School at the University of Miami

The University of Miami School of Law, which is situated in Coral Gables, Florida, is regarded as one of Florida’s top law schools and is rated 67th by the USNWR. A variety of programs are available at the college, including combined degrees, LL.M.s, and JDs.The school also offers classes in other countries, such as LLMs in international law and arbitration.

The most recent admissions had an average GPA of 3.43 and an LSAT score of 159. Even if their LSAT scores fall a little short of the average, students are still urged to apply. Personal statements, employment experience, community involvement, and extracurricular activities are additional considerations for applicants.

According to 2022 university data, 75% of graduates found work within nine months of graduation.The underemployment score of 13.8 shows that the university has a high rate of students getting jobs after they graduate. The existence of a sizable library and a top-notch student community makes it simple for students to connect and communicate.

5 – Florida Coastal School of Law

In 2002, the Florida Coastal School of Law received accreditation. The school was established with the goal of creating advocates who were ready for practice, and it provides a number of credentials to complement its JD program. Sports law, international comparative law, and environmental law are just a few of the certificate programs that are available.

At 37.8%, Florida Coastal has a respectable admission rate. However, that percentage dropped considerably from the prior rate of 71.4%. The typical LSAT score is 150, while the median GPA is 3.14.

The institution’s bar passage percentage is 42.5%, which means passing the bar is not an “assured formality.” 46.6% of 2022 graduates who were looking for work found full-time positions within the first ten months after their graduation. 

6 – Ave Maria Law School

The Ave Maria School of Law, which is based in Naples, was established in 1999 to provide comprehensive legal education. The group, which has its roots in Catholicism, wants to make sure that legal theory is in line with social and religious values.

The good news for those who are interested in applying is that the Ave Maria School of Law has an admission rate of 55.1. The average LSAT score for applicants in 2022 was 148. The median GPA is 3.00, which is rather a low number. 53.4% of students at the institution pass the bar, and 49.4% of graduates have jobs within ten months of graduation.

How Can I Get Accepted to a Florida Law School?

The procedure is the same whether you’re applying to the top law school in Florida or anywhere else in the nation. The LSAT is the first step in the application process for law school. Although there are no minimum LSAT requirements for law schools, each one has a median LSAT score that may be used to compare applicants to their prior incoming class. Always keep in mind that law schools are looking to enroll the best of the best, so make sure you offer yourself the greatest chance by improving your LSAT score.


Numerous prestigious law schools are located in Florida, as can be seen from the list above. Successful applications are dependent on a number of variables, including LSAT and GPA results, as well as personal statements, among other things. Always research relevant information before submitting an application for a legal course at your top-choice law school, including employment rates and bar passing rates. Making your final selection will go more smoothly if you have this information available.

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