Best Majors for Undecided Students

best majors for undecided students

If you’re a college student who is undecided about your major, it’s natural to wonder what the best majors are. But determining which major is best for you can be confusing and overwhelming. To help with this decision-making process, we’ve analyzed data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and made recommendations based on their findings. This article will highlight the best majors for undecided students.

Best Majors for Undecided Students 

If you’re yet to decide what you should major in, here are some comfortable options. 

#1 – Business

The business school is an excellent choice for students who are good at math and want to make a lot of money. If you’re interested in working with people and enjoy travelling, this may be your major!

Business majors can also help students with their career paths after graduation. Business majors can usually start businesses or join large corporations as managers or executives. They may even end up working for other companies as employees, which gives them more flexibility in choosing how much time they spend doing work-related activities rather than simply going through the motions (as employees often do).

A general business degree takes a general approach and does not focus on any field. Therefore, if you are uncertain about beginning your career, a degree in this area offers exposure to many different facets and industries.

Usually, a bachelor’s degree in business will take four years to complete. When you exit college, you may be prepared to begin life as an entrepreneur, pre-law school candidate, or administrator. In other words, a business degree does not mean you are limited to a desk job. This type of education opens the doors for the ability to apply for a broad range of positions throughout the country.

#2 – Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is a great place to study because of its diversity. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your passions and interests and learn about yourself.

If you’re interested in music, math, or science courses may be right up your alley. If not, other options in SAS are available, such as English literature or history—look at what interests you!

The school also boasts many different majors: business management, psychology, journalism; economics/finance; political science/international relations. Be sure not just focus on one major because it could mean missing out on other opportunities down the road when looking for work outside academia (like internships).

#3 – Computer Science 

Another excellent option for someone who hasn’t chosen a specific college major is a computer science degree. Of course, the majority of individuals own a computer. These gadgets are growing more and more potent worldwide as technology advances regularly. Finding amazing professional prospects is feasible if you have the right training. This kind of program is an intelligent choice for someone who appreciates math or problem-solving.

The need for people with computer science degrees is rising as more organizations automate. This implies that you will have no trouble finding work. A solid salary is a nice perk as well. In some areas, you might start with a salary of up to $78,000. 

You would probably take math and statistics coursework to earn a degree in this area. You can also enrol in classes in computer theory and data management. The fundamental objective of this training is to improve abstract thinking, though. Any reputable liberal education should aim to achieve this. This is feasible with computer science training.

Computer science includes a theoretical side in addition to its technical side. It is imaginative and exact, yet it poses philosophical issues. A degree in this area is beneficial and provides graduates with a wide variety of employment opportunities.

#4 – Education and Human Services

If you’re looking for a school that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, the School of Education and Human Services is the right choice.

Education can be a wise choice if you’re unsure and having problems deciding on a major. After all, an educational program investigates how people learn. The best methods for imparting knowledge to others and teaching are taught to you.

You’ll probably take introductory classes early on in your program to determine whether teaching is something you want to undertake as a job for the rest of your life. It is still possible to study in this profession if you do not wish to teach in a regular classroom. You may take pleasure in a career in business or counselling. In this way, a degree in education might benefit a student who is unsure of their major.

You will get abilities that will last a lifetime if you major in education. You will learn things like how to work well with people, patience, and the attributes of great leaders. You not only have the chance to influence the lives of others, but you also get a quality education.

Teaching is an attractive option if you’re an unsure student pursuing a certain career sector. Over the following ten years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates significant growth in the number of positions for high school teachers. 

#5 – Nursing

Nursing is a growing field, and it’s not just because of the medical problems you’ll be able to help people with. The great thing about nursing is that it’s a well-paying job; it requires compassion and working with people. If you’re looking for an alternative to studying medicine or law school, this might be the perfect major for you!

Nursing majors can become nurses’ aides (NA), nurses in hospitals, home health care workers—or even work as doctors’ assistants in clinics or hospitals if they want more training than what’s offered by community colleges. There are also opportunities for advanced degrees like bachelor’s degrees in nursing administration or master’s degrees in education through which students gain experience in leadership roles at their schools before entering private practice as directors of student affairs or vice presidents of finance & administration at larger institutions such as universities.

#6 – Communication

Effective communication is a college graduate’s finest talent in the modern world. It is a desirable degree choice for students who aren’t sure what they want to study.

Giving speeches is only one aspect of communication. A degree in this area also teaches you how to read and write correctly. Your professional options are virtually limitless in the end. You will receive training, for instance, to pursue careers in advertising, cinema, or social media.

You will gain knowledge about using text, graphics, and images to communicate key ideas during your time in college effectively. You’ll be equipped to undertake qualitative sociological analysis, produce clear and effective content, and conduct survey research. 

You will have a solid understanding of various subjects because of the many courses you will finish. This gives you more options for your professional decisions. There are many options for you to work in industries that are expanding quickly. For instance, it is projected that employment in media communications will increase during the next few years.

Studying communication can help you perceive people more objectively. Additionally, you may study connection-building and management skills to improve your ability to collaborate with others. You will be successful in any field with these skills.

#7 – Physician Assistant Studies (PA)

The school also offers an option for students to take courses online. This allows you to study from your own home or anywhere else that has Internet access, which can be helpful if you have family obligations or work commitments getting in the way of studying. In addition, if you don’t live close enough to campus but still want more opportunities than what’s offered by other colleges, this may be an ideal fit for you!

#8 – Economics 

Daily living involves a lot of economics. It serves as a doorway to the future as well. With a degree in economics, you’ll develop a global perspective enabling you to influence company choices and adjust to shifting market trends.

It’s a wide major, economics. You can focus on the state of the globe or on making certain decisions that impact a specific organization. This is a smart degree choice for a student still unsure if they want to pursue a career in finance and like solving challenges. 

A person studying this topic gains a greater understanding of people and markets. This aids in locating business possibilities and dangers. This degree’s versatility enables one to find employment in various sectors, including actuarial science, global affairs, healthcare, and politics.

In actuality, the study of comparing alternatives to particular solutions and learning how to make better decisions is the core of economics. Many sectors need these talents. It is an excellent place to start for anyone who also wants to go to law school. A promising figure indicates that graduates with this degree will have access to a substantial pool of prospective employment options.


Although changing your major is common, research your options before selecting a major. This will prevent you from wasting time and money taking courses that do not advance you toward a degree. Don’t be afraid to try something new! If something in particular interests you, don’t be scared to change your major or career path if it seems the right fit for where you are.

If you are unsure about your major, know that the advice in this article is only a starting point. You should always do your research and talk to people who have been in similar situations before making any decisions about where to attend college. The best way for students to find their ideal major is by taking some courses on campus or online at many different schools to see if it’s really something that interests them.


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