Best Mechanical Pencils for Students and Engineers 

Best Mechanical Pencils for Students and Engineers 

We’ve grown past the era of regular pencils and are moving towards a new generation of mechanical pencils. Mechanical pencils provide constant lines with kids without the need to sharpen their skills in technical drawing. They also allow your writing to have a neat and clean look. This article will look into why you need to use mechanical pencils, features to look out for, and the best mechanical pencils to use.

Important Features to Consider Before Buying a Mechanical Pencil 

You might wonder why you will need a mechanical pencil. Well, a good mechanical pencil allows you to create smooth consistent lines. It’s refillable and more professional-looking than the regular traditional pencil. A high-quality mechanical pencil will cost you less than an expensive high quality traditional pen. Let’s look at some features to look out for when considering buying a mechanical pencil. 

One of the first things to consider is the size and grade of the lead. Leads vary in hardness and they change the shade and strength of the tip of your mechanical pencil. Most people prefer 0.5mm or 0.7mm width pencils but there are a lot of options for your preference.  So if you’re a heavy-handed writer, you may want to go for a harder lead to avoid smudging. 

Another factor is the cost. With mechanical pencils, price is not a determining factor. An expensive mechanical pencil doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. It is more important to go for a mechanical pencil that fits your style. The grip is also an important factor to consider alongside the price.  The grip determines how comfortable a pencil is in your hands.

There are other factors such as lead advancement, retractability, cushioning, and aesthetics. To advance the lead on a traditional mechanical pencil, you must click the top. Some newer models, on the other hand, use a side-click mechanism. Others are still advancing with a twist. What works best for you is a matter of personal preference, but the idea behind a side-advanced pencil is that it is faster and disrupts your writing flow less.

Cushioning is a factor that lets you decide if you want a lead cushion that reinforces the lead against rougher writing styles. You may want to consider lead cushions if you write aggressively.

Top 10 Mechanical Pencils for Students and Engineers 

We’ve selected the best mechanical pencils that you as a student or an engineer can use. Let’s take a look at ten (10) of them. 

  • Nicpro Mechanical Pencil Set with Eraser
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The Nicpro Mechanical Pencil Set comes in a package of 3 pieces of 0.7mm mechanical pencil. It comes in black, blue, and purple colors alongside six tubes of lead refills, three extra erasers, six twists up erase refills, and a storage case. The Nicpro Mechanical Pencil Set is compact and lightweight with a comfortable, non-slip, and extra soft rubber grip for less writing fatigue. The Nicpro Mechanical Pencil Set is suitable for teachers, students, artists, and professionals.

Get the Nicpro Mechanical Pencil Set on Amazon.

  • BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil

The BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil requires no sharpening as they feature a convenient click that advances lead with a simple click of a button. The lead in the BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil allows you to write smoothly, resists smudging, and erases easily to help in keeping your work tidy. Its key features include a durable plastic construction, a smudge-free eraser on top, and a comfortable cushion to hold for writing sessions. 

  • Mr. Pen’s Metal Mechanical Pencil Set

Mr. Pen’s mechanical pencil set comes in a full metal case that includes five quality pencils in 5 sizes: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, and 2.0 mm, along with a set of 5 HB lead refills and ten eraser refills. This mechanical pencil is suitable for technical writing. Its minimal design gives it a professional look and is perfect for architects, artists, students, teachers, and engineers.

Mr. Pen’s Metal Mechanical Pencil Set

Its key features are its metallic body, pocket clip, and eraser on top with four spare erasers included in the package.

You can buy Mr. Pen’s Metal Mechanical Pencil Set on Amazon.

  • Staedler’s Technical Mechanical Pencil
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The Staedler’s mechanical pencil is perfect for writing, sketching, and drawing. It has a 2!m lead perfect for any situation. The Staedler’s mechanical pencil also has a metal clip with an advanced push button at the top. 

  • Amazon Basics Mechanical Pencil

The Amazon Basics mechanical pencil uses a strong, smudge-resistant lead that creates clean marks and allows you to create smooth writings and drawings. The Amazon Basics mechanical pencil has a 0.5 mm fine-point for more accuracy and is more durable than your regular pencils. It also has a sturdy metal clip you can use to attach the pencil to a notebook or your pocket. 

  • PaperMate Clear-point Mechanical Pencil

The PaperMateClearpoint Mechanical Pencil comes in a set of four and has a fun translucent barrel as well as a comfortable grip. It also has #2 leads, making it an ideal companion for taking notes and taking tests.

PaperMateClearpoint Mechanical Pencil

The Soft grip design adds comfort and ease while writing, and the included jumbo twist-up eraser makes erasing a breeze. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

The PaperMateClearpoint mechanical pencil’s key features include its 0.7mm thickness, ergonomic design for maximum comfort, and side-click design that allows you to extend lead without losing grip.

Buy the PaperMateClearpoint Mechanical Pencil on Amazon.

  • Pentel Twist Mechanical Pencil

Pentel’s Twist-Erase mechanical pencils come in a variety of barrel styles and diameters. The pencil’s sturdy, well-balanced barrel makes it the most popular twist-erase pencil on the market at the moment. Pentel’s mechanical pencil also has a protective tip design that stabilizes the lead, reducing breakage.

The oversized latex-free grip ensures maximum comfort and control. With the included larger-than-normal twist-up eraser, there will be no smudges, paper tears, or ghosts.

  • Zebra Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil
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The stainless steel mechanical pencil from Zebra has a standard lead point size of 0.5mm for precise and enjoyable writing. The pencil’s short length allows it to fit comfortably in shirt pockets, and the secure metal clip ensures that it will be there when you need it, safe and sound.

For increased writing comfort and stability, the pencil has a lightweight, durable stainless steel barrel with a black non-slip grip.

  • Yotino’s 3 Piece Mechanical Pencil

The Yotino’s Mechanical pencil set includes three 2.0 mm 2B mechanical pencils in blue, black, and silver. It also includes two cases of lead refills. With a strengthened lead, they are also smooth and long-lasting.

Yotino's Mechanical pencil set

Yotino’s mechanical pencils have a sharpener in the cap that automatically sharpens the lead. These pencils provide a comfortable writing experience due to the rubber grip and metal barrel body, which ensures a firm grip on the pencil while writing.

Get the Yotino’s Mechanical pencil set on Amazon.

  • COLNK 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

The COLNK mechanical pencil has a retractable tip that makes it easy to use and makes writing down anything a sheer pleasure. They are known for their superiority as drawing pencils for artists to sketch or write. The premium grip perfectly molds to your hand and feels great to write with for an extended time.


Mechanical pencils may look insignificant but they are the bridge between the hand and the notebook. Picking the right mechanical pencil is important and that’s why we have compiled the best mechanical pencils out there for you. 

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