Best Online Typing Courses for Kids and Adults

Best Online Typing Courses for Kids and Adults

One of the most crucial skills you can pick up today is typing. As technology has advanced, typing is now a life skill rather than simply a tool for office employees. Even the act of performing online activities may appear difficult to someone who cannot type. Several online typing courses give easy-to-understand instructions and useful tips on how to become a good typist.

Although online courses are convenient and affordable, they don’t provide the same kind of hands-on learning opportunities that conventional classrooms do. Additionally, research suggests that typing might boost productivity by 15%. There are many excellent resources available online if you’re considering learning to type. The many typing lessons that are offered online will be examined in this article. The only thing left to do is register and get started studying after you’ve determined which course is ideal for you.

Why Take an Online Typing Course?

Using a computer to type on is more popular than ever nowadays. You may now type your ideas directly into your laptop or tablet rather than writing them down using the traditional method on paper. One of the finest abilities you can develop is typing. You’ll benefit both emotionally and professionally if you can type. It’s a necessary evil when it comes to expressing your ideas on the internet and a vital life skill for the digital era. You may be asking why it’s crucial to learn how to type. Why is it important to have good typing speed and accuracy? Here are a few reasons :

  • You’ll type more quickly and accurately.
  • Typing skills might be useful in your professional, academic, commercial, and personal lives.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Your professional skill set will improve.
  • It counts because typing promotes brain growth.
  • You may not realize how crucial typing is nowadays. However, learning to type will be one of the most useful talents you can have as the world gets more digital.
  • It will reduce the possibility of typing errors.
  • Typing improves concentration and attention, helps you remain on topic, and enhances your ability to multitask.
  • You’ll be able to independently utilize both hands.
  • Typing is still important because it makes it easier to talk to people in person and online.

Best Online Typing Courses 

1 – Tracking Your Progress: 

Free typing classes are available at for novice, intermediate, and expert typists. It is aimed at everyone from middle school students to adults. Any level of proficiency may be jumped to whenever you choose.

The only thing that can keep you from typing during a class is a virtual keyboard that shows you where the letters are and which fingers to use. When finished, you can see your completion time, accuracy, and speed. To go on to the next lesson, just press Enter without taking your hands off the keyboard.

It is not necessary to register for free, but you may track your progress and get rewards if you do. Teachers may control and monitor their student’s progress as they finish classes using the teacher’s portal.

2 – Hundreds of Lessons: TypingClub

At TypingClub, there are several typing tutorials where you may master the alphabet keys, shift keys, numerals, and symbols. Some classes have a particular emphasis on quickness. You can use any of them whenever you want, or you can show how much you already know by passing placement tests.

You’ll be able to see your speed and accuracy as you complete them. Create a free account so you can see some more metrics, monitor your progress, and record your highest WPM ever. Teachers can run different classes, change the lessons, and keep track of how their students are doing. There is a premium version with more features and no advertisements.

3 – Set Your Own Goals: Speed Typing Online 

The 17 enduring lessons in Speed Typing Online involve studying every key on the keyboard and putting your knowledge to the test with reviews. When you reach the more difficult levels, you may begin joining those letters to form words.

Every result you see on these typing exercises may be shared using a unique URL, allowing you to brag about your performance. For instance, you may learn to type using the whole keyboard or only the top, middle, and bottom rows of the keyboard.

You may monitor your progress and create personal objectives if you register (it’s free). Additionally, you’ll get access to games and free typing exams.

4 – Learn in Order: Ratatype 

Ratatype offers more than a dozen free typing courses, and before you begin them, you’re given some advice on how to sit at your computer—something that most of these websites overlook.

This keyboarding tutorial website has a special feature where you have to restart a lesson if you make too many errors. You may continue with further classes after you make a manageable number of mistakes or none at all.

While typing, you may check your mistake count, and WPM, and even compare your speed to others in a high score list.

5 – Easy on the Eyes: Big Brown Bear 

You may learn how to use the whole keyboard by following Big Brown Bear’s more than a dozen free typing courses. Simply choose which letter will be examined to begin.

The way the text appears on the screen on this website is something we like. The words are on a single line and travel across the middle of the screen so you don’t have to shift your eyes, unlike when you regularly read and view them as a paragraph.

But with these classes, you have to fix your errors before you can keep typing, which you may or might not desire.

You can see your speed, accuracy, and time throughout each lesson.

6 – Start From Scratch: Turtle Diary 

Another website that teaches you how to type correctly from scratch is this one. To see what this means, type the letters j and f over and over again in the first problem of the lesson.

The fact that this is intended for adults, as well as children who are just learning to type, is a plus. There are three levels of typing lessons available here, totaling 51 lessons in all. If you write in the correct sequence, you’ll first enter a few characters, then some uppercase letters and symbols, a few sentences, and eventually a mixture of everything.

Like the majority of these websites, you may keep an eye on your typing speed, accuracy, and time during each course. It is simple to turn on and off the hands that are shown above the keyboard at any moment.

You may apply what you’ve learned with the aid of multiplayer typing games.

7 – Enter Your Own Text:

16 free typing lessons are available on, and there is also an option to practice with your own material.

Each lesson includes an animated keyboard that makes it simple to see how to type properly and what you should do to avoid errors. Additionally, throughout the classes, you get real-time typing statistics for your WPM, speed, and accuracy.

Online classrooms may be created by teachers, who can also offer lessons and get reports on their student’s progress. They come with worldwide keyboard support and are available in a variety of languages.

8 – Perfect for Adults Learning to Type: GCFLearnFree

Adults with little or no typing experience may take advantage of the free typing courses offered by GCFLearnFree. You have the choice of learning the keys or starting to practice them straight away for each session.

Even though it’s a good program to start with, you should switch to another site once you’ve mastered the basics because you won’t get any feedback on your typing speed or accuracy.

9 – Customizable Options:

The keyboard is covered in 30 free courses, each covering two letters or two characters.

You may select a WPM target, determine whether you want the keyboard and hands shown as you study, change the lesson length and text size, and make other choices before the session. You get to start your session after a brief introduction to the new keys.

Because it allows for backspace, this exam is a little more natural than others because you may correct any spelling errors you make.

In each typing lesson, the remaining time, accuracy rate, and WPM are shown at the bottom. Your final statistics and a measure of whether you achieved your objective are provided.

10 – Lessons for Non-English Keyboards: Touch Typing Study 

There are few visual aids in written instructions and no audio or video tutorials. Touch Typing Study has games and typing speed tests, and it also has 15 free typing courses in different languages and with different keyboard layouts.

Each lesson is divided into subjects so that you can quickly know what’s coming up next or, if you’re comfortable with your abilities, go on to the next one. You may see your mistakes, typing speed, and time spent on the course as you go.


Here we go! I’m sounding like Fabrizio Romano right now, lol. These are the best online typing classes. These programs are ideal for anybody looking to improve their typing abilities in any field. Excellent typing abilities can help you in a wide variety of occupations since they will enable you to make judgments with conviction and intention. 

The course you choose to take will rely on your background, resources, and free time. Do you possess extensive management experience? Or, are you inexperienced in managing positions? Do you have a sizable budget to devote to developing your skills? Do you have a lot of free time or are you simply seeking to brush up on a few skills quickly and effectively? These are questions that will help you choose the best online typing course to start with. 

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