Best Real Estate Schools in Las Vegas

best real estate schools in las vegas

The average real estate agent pay in Las Vegas, Nevada, is $43,788 per year. To work in this field, the first stage is to enroll in real estate schools in Las Vegas and study for your license exam. It is critical to select one of the top real estate schools in Las Vegas, Nevada, to ensure that it is state-approved. This will guarantee you have all the information you need to pass your licensing examination.

We can assist you if you have opted to take the plunge and obtain your real estate license but are unsure where to begin. You’ll need to locate the best online real estate schools in Nevada to earn your real estate license. If you live in Nevada, the first element you’ll need is a list of Nevada real estate schools. You’ll need to enroll in some pre-licensure classes at a recognized institution. Finding the right online school might be difficult, so we compiled a list.

Best Real Estate Schools in Las Vegas 

#1 – The CE Shop

The CE Shop is one of the most popular real estate schools. It is accredited by The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). Their goal is to offer various educational opportunities through online classes by using an interactive and inquiry-based approach in their studying methods.

As the name suggests, The CE Shop’s original main focus was providing continuing education classes, but their education services have adapted to go way further than that over the years. They provide education for all career levels in real estate, from pre-licensing and exam preparation to post-licensing and continuing education.

The CE Shop currently offers four different study packages. Each package includes six 30-hour Texas courses, free online proctoring, and additional study materials (business eBooks, career resources, digital flashcards, a glossary, study schedule, and access to webinars covering exam topics).

The CE Shop has one of the highest pass rates among top-ranking schools, at just over 76.11%. If we’re analyzing only the Salesperson exam, it has an impressive 79.11% pass rate out of 761 students.

The CE Shop offers multiple pre-licensing course packages that cover various real estate topics. Once purchased, you’ll have access to the courses for up to one year. Comparing the broad topics covered in the courses with the course packages’ prices, The CE Shop is one of the most affordable ones among the highest-ranking real estate schools.

In addition, The CE Shop is heavily focused on interaction, so there is a mix of study methods that makes it easier for students to process the material and study the subject more efficiently.

Although the CE Shop has one of the highest pass rates, there were complaints about the prep exams’ broad questions. Students felt they could use a bit of work on the wording to focus on specific details they would later see on the licensing exam.

Another potential downside of the CE Shop is the lack of course delivery methods. They are strictly online, which may bother some people who study better in a classroom environment and prefer face-to-face instructor contact.

#2 – Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center 

This program covers all the topics needed to prepare for the Nevada Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam. In this course, comprised of 41 modules, you will explore basic real estate concepts, financing, valuation, contracts, agency, and more. This 12-hour course includes relevant content for national and state law, with quizzes and reviews to aid comprehension and retention. This course is an online 120-hour course that consists of relevant content, quizzes, and reviews to facilitate learning and retention. The course includes the 90-Hour Pre-Licensing Course and the 30-Hour Contracts & Agency Course required by the state licensing board.

The Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center expects students to complete the program within 30 days. Extensions are available on request. However, the student must complete the course within a year to meet state guidelines. If the student cannot successfully pass the state licensing exam within that year, the student will need to re-enroll in the course (at full tuition) to receive additional training and support.

best real estate schools in las vegas
Businessman holding two houses and can not decide choosing the right house.

The Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center’s 120-hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course is self-paced and intended to be completed in 30 days. Students are assigned an instructor when they begin, which gives them access to personalized support.

#3 – Real Estate Express 

Real Estate Express is one of Nevada’s oldest and the country’s biggest online real estate schools. They opened their doors to students in 1996 to provide real estate agents with a place to start and advance their careers in the industry. Real Estate Express is still a reputable school that provides pre-licensing courses in 39 states and post-licensing education in 10 states. ARELLO and IDECC accredit the school, and individual state real estate commissions also approve their courses.

Real Estate Express offers a comprehensive service of four pre-designed packages: The Basics, Exam Preparation, Exam Preparation Plus, instructor support, and Ultimate Learning, which features a 90-day boot camp. You can purchase a package, or if you prefer to take each course separately, you can get them separately.

Real Estate Express has a close to average pass rate with the highest number of students. The Salesperson exam pass rate in Texas sits at 63.26% out of 1,489 students, 50% for the 20 students who have taken the Broker’s exam within the last two years.

As a comparison, Nevada’s average pass rate is 61.28%, which means the Real Estate Express pass rate is average, which may be an issue considering their “Pass or No Pay” guarantee. Those taking the test have 150 minutes to answer 110 questions. According to reviews on Agent Advice, a good number of people fail the test in Nevada.

Real Estate Express is one of the most common courses taken in Nevada, given its price point and flexible material. Thousands of courses are sold monthly, so several mixed reviews exist. Some find the courses very comprehensive; others complain about the study guides and grammar issues they spotted while taking the course.

One of the best advantages of Real Estate Express is that you get a backed-up, reliable base of experienced agents that have been in business for almost 20 years. You have several course package options that include everything you need to pass the exam.

Whenever you have trouble answering the questions, you can have them answered by instructors, which can be a huge benefit when preparing for the exam.

The best part about studying with Real Estate Express is their “Pass or No Pay Guarantee,” which allows you to refund the money if you don’t pass the exam on the first try. This feature shows that they are confident in the quality of education they offer and clients’ guaranteed satisfaction.

#4 – Key Realty 

Key Realty School is one of the better-known names. They have trained more than 50,000 students. You can attend classes in person with physical locations in Las Vegas or online. In the early days, the school operated only in Nevada but has since expanded to other states through collaborations with other educational providers.

The pre-licensing course for Nevada consists of 90 hours of instruction and can be delivered through different learning modes, including online, classroom, correspondence, etc. Students have to take four major subjects, which doesn’t matter the order in which they complete them.

Key Realty School has different completion timelines that you can follow to complete the four main topics. For instance, the four-week schedule entails completing one subject per week. Classes run for two sessions, mornings from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and evening sessions from 6 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

They also have a 2-week full-time class schedule. Attend evening and morning sessions and cover two subjects per week.

Anyone in a rush to become a real estate agent can choose the one-week cram course. It’s a blend of in-person classes (for Nevada law and realty subjects) and home study for the remaining two topics.

#5 – Nevada Real Estate

The Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law package covers all 120 hours of education required to become a Real Estate Salesperson in Nevada. This course covers all of the real estate topics you need to learn to be successful, including:

  • Laws of Agency
  • Brokerage
  • Contracts
  • Valuation & Economics
  • Finance
  • Property Ownership
  • Land Use & Transfer
  • Applied Practices
  • Nevada Real Estate Law
  • Nevada Contracts and Agency

This course provides 120 hours of instruction, three at-home quizzes, and a practice examination. The Nevada Law portion of the course has a practice quiz and a quiz for the Nevada Contracts & Agency portion. You will need to achieve a 75% or more grade to advance in the course. At the end of the 120 hours of instruction, learners will take a comprehensive final exam that is a closed book. This exam covers all topics in the course and offers students an opportunity to discover areas that may need additional study before they sit for the final exam. This final exam has 100 questions covering national topics and 40 questions specific to Nevada.

To pass, a score of 75% is required. Retakes are permitted. According to the state licensing requirements, students must pass their state licensing exam within one year. If they cannot pass the national or state portion within that timeframe, they will need to re-enroll in the 120-hour program at full cost to do the course over again.

The course offers comprehensive coverage of all educational topics required for licensure as a Real Estate Salesperson in Nevada. The program is offered entirely offline and offers maximum flexibility for learners.

Nevada Real Estate Academy has a reciprocal relationship with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, a national brokerage that actively recruits salespeople who complete their real estate pre-licensure course through the Academy. As an added benefit, salespeople who sign on with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices through this affiliation may be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

In addition, Nevada Real Estate Academy also offers the various required modules to be taken separately. That way, students can enroll in the national and state sections and work through them at their own pace.


Choosing the right real estate school should not be difficult, and we have made it easier for you to make the right choice with the list above. Feel free to send a message in the comment section if you have questions. 

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