Best Virtual Assistant Courses in 2022

Best Virtual Assistant Courses in 2022

Being a virtual assistant may be a fantastic full-time profession that enables individuals to work from home. Virtual assistants are a fairly new thing that came about because of the internet. Anyone can apply for a virtual assistant job, but you have to be the best of the crop to get virtual assistant courses. To do so, you need to be trained, and this is why I have created this article. Read along as we discuss the best virtual assistant course you can take to get an advantage over your peers.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

A virtual assistant (VA) essentially does what it says on the tin: they provide 100% remote client or company assistance. The precise responsibilities of a virtual assistant vary widely. What a client requires from you as a VA determines your obligations.

In the past, administrative or general VAs dominated the virtual assistant industry. However, VAs nowadays are capable of doing almost everything. (Over 200 potential services are listed here.) General and administrative virtual assistants are like the office assistants you see answering phones, copying documents, making appointments, and doing whatever other clerical or administrative tasks the client needs.Except that they do it virtually. 

Some typical VA responsibilities may include making and receiving phone calls, providing customer care or assistance, managing email accounts, copyediting, and more. These are all examples of tasks that fall under this category.

Best Virtual Assistant Courses

Here are some of the best virtual assistant courses you can take in 2022 to become a VA specialist. 

1 – $10k VA Course 

The creator of the $10k VA course is Kayla Sloan, a virtual assistant who has grown her company and now brings in over $10,000 per month. In this course, you will learn what a virtual assistant (VA) is, what they do, and what you shouldn’t expect them to do.

There are 7 modules in the course that instruct you in:

  • How to get your first and subsequent clients
  • Pitch techniques
  • How to get beyond client reluctance
  • The best ways to raise your rate, and so on.
  • How to set up systems to function more quickly and effectively.
  • How to plan your day so you can do a lot in a short period of time.

This priceless lesson will take you many hours of trial and error to learn, but the $10k VA Course will shorten that process. An extra bonus is that you may network with other VAs in a private Facebook group to which you have access. Additionally, you get special rates for one-on-one coaching sessions with Kayla.

2-The VA Guide

Check out The VA Handbook by Joanne Munro if you’ve ever daydreamed about living your dream, know there’s more to life, and don’t want to “sheepwalk” through it. The VA Handbook is an online course for virtual assistants that was made to give other VAs both free and paid materials.

Her self-study VA course walks you through:

  • a wide range of resources.
  • lifetime access

There is a Facebook community for trainees exclusively where you may get individualized help. The best part is that she offers a Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA) membership, which gives blog, newsletter, and public forum access for FREE with a suggested gift of £10.

3-The Virtual Savvy’s Program for Virtual Assistants

The SavvySystem is a step-by-step guide for starting from zero and expanding your own successful at-home company. You learn about services to provide via the online course, right? How to charge, how to get your first customer, how to obtain repeat business, how to put up your VA website, and SO MUCH MORE.

What you will discover in the Virtual Savvy System is:

  • How to identify your abilities and which ones are currently marketable.
  • How to get your virtual assistant business off the ground, including choosing your target market, making your CV, and getting in the right frame of mind.
  • Setting up an online presence, learning the best ways to use social media and networking, and getting testimonials are all ways to promote your business.
  • How to get clients includes learning how to pitch using provided templates and conducting interviews.
  • How to run a virtual assistant business, including how to set your prices, understand contracts, and welcome new customers.

4-Fully Booked VA

Gina Horkey, who founded a successful virtual assistant company and assists others in doing the same, launched The Fully Booked VA, an online virtual assistant course subscription. These virtual assistant seminars will teach you everything you need to know to be successful as a VA, such as:

  • How should a business plan be written?
  • How to get customers and make a pitch
  • to offer services
  • ways to increase your income.

The Skills You Need to Develop as a Virtual Assistant

1-Personal Time Management

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For a virtual assistant to be successful, time management is a crucial ability. In addition to enabling you to thrive at work, good time management will also enable you to add additional customers. And your earning potential grows as you acquire more customers.

Kayla Sloan really followed through with it. She was well-known among personal finance bloggers as a virtual assistant. Additionally, she was effective enough to serve many customers simultaneously in her capacity as a VA. She soon made over $10,000 a month by taking on more and more customers, and she now earns over six figures annually. Google Calendar is a tool to master.


Any small company needs bookkeeping, but doing so often doesn’t require a full-time, devoted person.

Bookkeeping includes things like keeping track of receipts, recording accounts payable and receivable, making sure that bank transactions are complete and correct, keeping track of employee reimbursements, and putting together the paperwork to send to the company’s accountant for quarterly taxes.

The most popular accounting and bookkeeping software for small businesses is QuickBooks, which is a tool to master. The product’s developer, Intuit, provides free training and certification programs.


A VA who focuses on writing, or who at the very least has above-average writing abilities, can handle tasks like composing blog entries, newsletters, and social media updates. Most clients pay between 25 and 50 cents per word for freelance writing, so being able to write material that can be published could make you much more valuable to clients.

Google Docs is a tool to master. Although it’s only a basic word processor, mastering every feature will enhance your efficiency and allow you to provide your customers better service. In contrast to Microsoft Word, Google Docs facilitates sharing and teamwork quickly and easily, and you can utilize a variety of add-ons to increase its capability. There is no lack of available freelance writers, so having some training can help you stand out.

4-Content Administration

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The scheduling, publishing, and upkeep of a company’s blog entries, website pages, videos, and other content fall under the category of content management. The process of getting an article ready for posting online may be difficult and time-consuming, often taking longer than the piece itself. This is similar to organizing meetings.

The material often requires editing, proofreading, formatting, the addition of images and links, physical transfer over the company’s content management system (CMS), scheduling, and quality control checks after publishing. WordPress, by far the most popular content management system, is a tool to master.


As a VA, you’ll often be in charge of managing the company’s writing, social media postings, and communications. As a result, you could be the last person to view written content before it is distributed to its intended audience. It will be up to you to ensure that it is error-free and written in a manner that is both clear and efficient.

Before hitting “publish” or “send,” you should always do a manual proofread, but Grammarly and Hemingway can act as a second pair of eyes. Both have more sophisticated spell-checking features than Word and Google Docs do, which might help you identify errors those programs make.

6-Lead Generation

New clients are necessary for any company. One of the best ways to get customers while selling tangible goods is through advertising. But as a first step in marketing your company when you’re offering a service, like consulting, you need to discover prospective customers.

The task of finding these prospective customers, sometimes known as “leads,” is frequently delegated to VAs by clients. For instance, a web designer may ask their virtual assistant to look for businesses in a certain category that haven’t changed their website in the last two years.

Following that, the designer may order the VA to contact the leads, hand them off to a salesman, or get in touch with them personally. In any case, a CRM platform, which stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” is often used to handle this process.

A CRM platform allows information exchange and team cooperation across teams, acts as a repository for clients and leads, and keeps track of all interactions with them. By far, Salesforce is the most widely used CRM.

7-Social Media Administration

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Managing social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram means coming up with and scheduling online content, talking to customers and potential customers, and figuring out how well individual posts and campaigns as a whole are doing.

Hootsuite is a popular program that lets you manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. It is a useful tool to learn how to use.

8-Planning and Communication

The task of scheduling calls and appointments, which sometimes requires many rounds of communication in order to get each appointment, may easily take up many hours of a workday, making schedule management one of a VA’s most crucial jobs. Since the clients’ time would be better spent on other parts of their business, they hire VAs to do this kind of administrative work.

But it’s not as easy as it may appear. To make a good schedule, you need to know your client’s goals, preferences, and workflow. You also need to be good at juggling different requests, which sometimes means saying “no.”

The communication process is crucial to scheduling. You’ll be making, taking, and returning phone calls as well as sending and receiving emails, letters, and notes as you prepare your boss for meetings. Microsoft Outlook, an email program with built-in calendar and appointment features, is often used to do this task.


There you have it, then. The top virtual assistant courses are available to you to increase your income. Before enrolling in any course, keep in mind that it is an investment in your personal growth and that no one can revoke your right to an education.

We may now work from the comfort of our homes to generate cash and possibilities. What are you waiting for? The only obstacle is a few talents you need to pick up. Obtain knowledge and refer your friends to learn more about VA on our blog.

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