Community Service Ideas for High School Students in 2022

Community Service Ideas for High School Students in 2022

Many college admissions offices look for students with solid resumes of extracurricular activities in addition to kids with excellent grades and test scores. Community service is a simple method to expand your list of extracurricular activities.

Volunteering programs foster character development, empathy, and generosity while supporting a larger cause or group of people. However, if your goal is to locate something that you believe would impress colleges, you’re going about it wrong if you’ve been Googling “community service ideas.”

Yes, community service activities are evaluated and valued by institutions, but this shouldn’t be the primary motivation for your participation. You should take advantage of a community service opportunity as a high school student that involves a cause or organization you are genuinely passionate about and want to assist. If you are interested in a project or cause that is important to you, you are much more likely to work diligently and passionately than if you feel obligated to.

When coming up with community service ideas, don’t hesitate to go outside the box. Here are some ideas to help you navigate some alternatives and get started.

What Is Community Service?

Work performed for the benefit of others is known as community service. Since it is frequently carried out close to where you live, your local community gains from your labor. Volunteering your time is the only compensation for community service.

Children, seniors, persons with disabilities, animals, and the environment can all benefit from community service. You can create your community service initiatives while most local groups, including places of worship, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations, arrange community service events.

Because they like giving back to their communities and helping others, many people engage in community service. Some students must complete community service to achieve specific awards or graduate high school. A court may also require some adults to perform a predetermined number of hours of community service.

Participating in community service has several advantages for both you and others. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • giving you a means of assisting others
  • making your community better
  • improving your college applications and resume
  • creating a method of making new friends
  • allowing you to obtain experience in a career and learn more about a specific job. 

Community Service Ideas for High School Students 

#1 – Start a Mentoring Group 

Working with local schools is an excellent method to assist individuals who require guidance at a young age if you enjoy mentoring others, especially younger people. If your long-term goals involve working with children, asking your instructors for assistance in starting a neighborhood mentorship program is an excellent place to start. Working as a mentor is a great way to make a difference and consider why it is important to you to support the next generation while considering community service opportunities.

#2 – Coach a Kids Sports Team

If you’re an athlete or sports enthusiast, coaching a young team is an option that provides both a strong leadership opportunity and a method to participate in community service. Consider the sport you would like to coach. If you already participate in a sport, making a decision may be simple. This is a way to exhibit your enthusiasm for the game. Ask if there is a need for a coach for an existing squad and if there are any little leagues or community tournaments in your area. If not, you and your friends, family, and siblings can form your squad.

#3 – Assist a Senior With a Project 

You may have always had a good rapport with older people, including your grandparents. If you’re looking for community service ideas, consider fusing your interest with your chosen profession. You can collaborate with an older person on a creative, filmmaking, or genealogy effort. Find out if they have a bucket list, or if not, help them create one, and see how many things you can cross off of it as a group.

Community Service Ideas for High School Students in 2022

#4 – Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

Many of us have beloved pets, but if you want to step it up and make a difference, consider becoming involved with your neighborhood animal shelter. Volunteers can assist in various tasks, including feeding the animals, walking dogs, and cleaning cages. Depending on where you’re needed, you can also help plan adoptions, aid with finances, and serve on the organization committee for events if you’re seeking to work in a more logistical capacity. This is a way to gauge whether you are on the right track if you plan to work with animals or become a veterinarian in the future.

#5 – Host an Earth Day event

Host an Earth Day event if you’re interested in environmental studies or want to raise awareness of climate change. Earth Day is an opportune time to educate your classmates about pertinent problems. Organizing your own Earth Day celebration can demonstrate your passion for the cause and contribute to creating a new tradition in your school or town. This kind of project needs planning, but it doesn’t have to be constantly maintained throughout the year. But why not start a climate action committee with your friends and plan more frequent events if you want to make a bigger commitment?

#6 – Participate in Community Service and make a Donation to the Local Food Bank 

Volunteering for a worthwhile cause can be made simple by visiting a food bank. Additionally, it is an activity you can continue and improve on for many years. You aid folks on low incomes by assisting them in acquiring food and building relationships with those who frequently use the food bank. You have the opportunity to work as a team, see the impact you’re having first-hand, and develop close relationships with the people you can help. It’s essential to remember that while this activity is effective, pupils frequently engage in it. Consider organizing pantry donation events or partnering with a bigger organization to provide regular donations as strategies to have a more significant effect.

#7 – Become a Volunteer for a Reputable Organization 

By joining a group like Habitat for Humanity or Planned Parenthood, you may help others and advance a cause that is important to you. However, if you’re participating in such organizations, try to take on more of a leadership role, as this is typical among many students. You must become more proactive in your attempts to make a difference to set your activity apart from that of the many others taking part. You can create a new workshop, hold a conference, or even launch your fundraiser through one of these organizations.

#8 – Create a Buddy System through the School’s Special Needs Program 

A buddy or mentorship program for people with exceptional needs can be a good fit if you value one-on-one communication. Create a pairing system to determine the best matches based on several parameters. You develop your leadership and communication abilities as a result. Start early in your high school years because maintaining a relationship with one or more individuals over time will show that you are committed to providing this kind of mentoring assistance and fostering sincere friendship and trust.

#9 – Start a Communal Garden 

This project improves your ability to work with others and benefits the whole area. Fresh produce is provided via community gardens, which also get people moving and allow you an opportunity to get to know your neighbors or classmates. Additionally, this hobby can help you write application essays that stand out, and colleges can consider it an extracurricular that you can participate in with other students on campus.

#10 – Volunteer at a Fire Station 

Work as a volunteer at a fire station to get knowledge of safety procedures and see how a vital operation is run. This can be an excellent fit if you’re seeking community service projects encouraging more physical activity. Working at the fire station also develops grit and mental toughness. This chance is scarce because few students take this course of study. Go for it if there’s an option in your area and you think you’d be a good volunteer!

#11 – Participate in a Charity Walk or Run 

If you’re looking for community service activities that are both physical and need less time commitment, taking part in a run to raise money for a good cause may be the answer. If you’re looking for a more substantial commitment, get in touch with the organizers and see how you can help. Participating in this activity’s planning can help you develop your leadership abilities because you’ll have more chances to have an actual impact.

#12 – Teach a Class at the Community Center 

Sharing a topic with others might be an excellent method to improve your investigation of it. Find out whether you may provide a course at your neighborhood community center on a subject that interests you. Create a lesson plan based on your knowledge areas, whether East Asian history or medieval literature. An excellent method to establish ties with folks in your community is to teach them. While you gain first-hand experience instructing children, peers, or adults, you also assist them in learning.

#13 – Participate in Neighborhood Protection 

If theft or harassment have been common occurrences in your neighborhood, consider forming a violence prevention group or joining a neighborhood watch. If there isn’t a group at your school working on this in a more intimate setting, you can establish one. Work with experts to train team members so that they are aware of what to do in specific situations, and you will be knowledgeable about the appropriate safety procedures.

#14 – Ask for Charitable Donations Instead of Gifts 

Instead of receiving gifts for birthdays or other occasions, request charitable donations instead. This is a considerate approach to demonstrate your dedication to the cause of your choice while also being one of the most passive community service ideas. Or, enlist the aid of your close ones if you need to raise money for a charitable endeavor. You may now fundraise on Facebook using a feature that makes it simple to contact your friends and family. Use crowdsourcing platforms like GoFundMe to spread the word about your cause.

#15 – Volunteer at the Local Library 

Volunteering at the local library can be a great way to support a staff that could need extra hands if you have a passion for reading and books. You may arrange book drives, organize story times for youngsters, and more. You may go a step further and inquire if any nearby schools want to build a library or if they need assistance with their existing ones. Boost your reading list while facilitating others’ access to literature.

What Next? 

You can take the following actions to become engaged as soon as you are aware of your opportunities for community service:

#1 – Examine your areas of interest

Which activities appeal to you the most? Were they primarily associated with one group, such as children or the environment? If so, that’s a fantastic start when deciding which organizations to contact.

#2 – Figure out how much time you can devote to community service

Determine how much time you can commit to volunteering: Are you accessible every week for two hours? While you may not always be free, are you occasionally able to volunteer for an entire weekend?

Consider your options for getting around and how you’ll reach various destinations. Knowing this information can assist you in deciding which community service endeavors to take on, and volunteer organizers will find it helpful.

#3: Do some research to find out what community projects you can take on

For further details about volunteering, contact your town hall, school, or place of worship. A specific animal shelter or nursing home, for example, where you’d like to carry out your community service, can be contacted to see if they accept volunteers.

#4 – Start volunteering

This list includes modest projects that you can finish on your own in a few hours to much bigger ones that require more time and people. Start a project on your own if you discover one and can.

If you wish to work on a project that will require more resources or people, discover if there is a similar program in your neighborhood that you can join. If not, don’t be hesitant to start one. Numerous groups welcome new volunteers and initiatives for civic engagement.

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