Cost of Living in Stockholm In 2022

Cost of Living in Stockholm In 2022

If you are planning to move to Stockholm, then maybe you are wondering about how much it costs to live here and you have probably already read different articles about the cost of living in Stockholm.

Although you can easily find the breakdown online, it also helps get an overview of personal experiences. In this post, you will see every expense you need to consider when living in Sweden.

Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is well-known for being one of the world’s most welcoming and inclusive cities. It has a modern, urban feel, but it also has a rich history and a close connection to nature.

Due to Stockholm’s location on the country’s southeast coast, the city experiences four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, with little chance of darkness, even late into the night. Mild and rainy winters are common, but they can also be bitterly cold and covered in snow. In the city parks, the fall colors are spectacular, and the arrival of spring is eagerly anticipated by residents who sit outside in blankets and drink at cafés and restaurants.

While the city is easily navigable on foot or by public transportation, each of its wards exudes a distinctive personality – the island of Södermalm has a relaxed vibe that attracts the creative crowd, while stermalm exudes a sophisticated air. Norrmalm is a bustling and vibrant downtown area, while Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s historic Old Town, is located south of Norrmalm.

Birger Jarl, the regent of Sweden at the time, formally established Stockholm in 1252. As Sweden’s largest city by the end of the 13th century, Stockholm served as the country’s political and royal residence – and was repeatedly besieged over the subsequent centuries. The victory over the King of Denmark in 1523, when Gustav Vasa recaptured Stockholm, will live on in legend.

Today, Stockholm is a tolerant, inclusive, and welcoming society that is open to all. For LGBTQ people from all over the world, Stockholm Pride is a must-attend annual event.

Stockholm, a forward-thinking, innovative city, is home to a growing tech-innovation community and a large number of start-ups – a density that only Silicon Valley can compete with. As an example of a global brand with roots in the city, Spotify, the music streaming service, still has its headquarters in the city’s heart as its base of operations.

Cost of Living in Stockholm: Food

Majority of Sweden’s fresh produce is imported, which drives up the cost of these items in supermarkets because they aren’t grown in the country. In recent years, supermarkets like Netto and Lidl have opened in Stockholm, making it easier to shop for food at a reasonable price without breaking the bank. Hemköp, Coop, and ICA aren’t prohibitively pricey if you want to stick to the larger stores located outside of the city center and avoid the smaller, more accessible ones located in the heart of the city. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on groceries; when you compare the exorbitant prices on Stockholm restaurant menus, even the most expensive groceries will seem like a bargain.

Cost of Living in Stockholm In 2022

It’s impossible to avoid grocery shopping if you want to live a normal life! As a newcomer in a new country, you may be unsure of how to shop for food and learn the language.

The following are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for food in Sweden:

  • It is important to weigh your food. If you see digital scales in a grocery store, you must weigh your produce, select the product from the screen, and put the barcode printed on the bag.
  • There are self-checkout options.
  • In a glass cabinet, some of the best meats are kept. If you want to get something out of the cabinet, you’ll have to ask one of their employees to open it for you.
  • Your plastics or bags are required. At least 2 SEK is required to purchase it.
  • You should budget at least 500 SEK (about $60) per person per week if you plan to prepare your meals.

Coop, Hemköp, ICA, Lidl, and Willys are some of the supermarkets in Sweden.

In Stockholm, you can find several places that will make you long for the familiar flavors of home, including Asian MarketAM StoreFilippinska Asian Market, The American Food & Gift Store, and Tasty America.

Cost of Accommodation in Stockholm

The vast majority of Stockholm residents live in apartments. Basics like fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen are included, even if most apartments are left unfurnished. In the city center, it will be more difficult to find larger homes. Stockholm’s suburbs are a good place to look for family-friendly lodging.

Many people in Stockholm live in the areas known as Kungsholmen and Södermalm. When looking for an apartment in Stockholm, proximity to public transportation is an important consideration. Driving, parking, and fuel in cities are prohibitively expensive due to the harsh winters.

Stockholm’s lodging is among the most expensive in Europe. Stockholm’s rental market is highly regulated, with a long waiting list, and the city’s property prices are steep and widely considered to be overvalued. If you’re looking to buy a home in the heart of Helsinki, you’re going to have a hard time finding anything affordable. As a general rule, living in a more affluent area like Ostermalm, for example, will cost you more than living in an outlying area like Bromma. Before signing a rental agreement, we recommend that you carefully review the terms of the contract and verify that all utilities are included. Sweden’s winters can be brutally cold, resulting in a high electricity bill.

Through the Bostadsförmedlingen, a large number of rental properties can be found in Stockholm ( Housing Service). An individual seeking a place to live pay the Housing Service to assign them a home based on preferences they provide to the organization. Although there is a long waiting list, some tenants choose to rent directly from private landlords at inflated prices. Because of the intense competition for furnished apartments, unscrupulous landlords may attempt to collect a deposit from tenants before they have even seen the property, inflate the rental prices they originally quoted, and then raise the rents above market rates.

As a precaution, we recommend that you use only reputable online property portals, take action quickly when you find a property you like and join the Housing Service’s waiting list. Finding a home through the proper channels can take years, but the effort is usually worth it in the long run. Because renting a home in Sweden can be so difficult, you might be better off working with a real estate agent. Those who know they’ll be staying in Sweden for a long time prefer to invest in Stockholm real estate.

Cost of Transportation in Stockholm

The city’s residents depend heavily on the city’s public transportation system. Stockholm has an estimated population of 950,000, which means that around 800,000 commuters use public transportation every day. However, Stockholm’s extensive public transportation system comes at a price, with some of the most expensive public transportation in the world operating out of the city.

Cost of Living in Stockholm In 2022

Although Stockholm’s public transportation system is on time and efficient, it comes at a price. To save money, you can buy monthly or annual passes. People in Stockholm who don’t want to buy a car do so because of the high cost of gas. With taxis and ride-hailing services comparable to those in other major European cities, getting around town is easy.

Cost of Living in Stockholm: Entertainment

Expenses for entertainment are included in the cost of living in Stockholm. There are many ways to keep yourself entertained. Only the monthly subscriptions to Spotify and Netflix keep us from spending a lot here.

  • Spotify – 109 SEK per month per person
  • Netflix – plans range from 89 SEK to 159 SEK per month
  • Cinema – can range from 140 SEK to 200 SEK

The city of Stockholm also offers several free activities for visitors to enjoy. For those who have the SL card, it’s a breeze to travel throughout Stockholm County.

Cost of Living in Stockholm: Healthcare

Healthcare in Sweden is not free but inexpensive. There are still public and private healthcare available in Sweden, but the same regulations still apply to both. If you are a permanent resident of Sweden, you will not have any difficulty accessing healthcare. Calling 1177 or making an appointment on will get you access to free medical care provided by the government.

The average cost of a doctor’s visit ranges from 100 SEK to 300 SEK. Hospitalization costs will be limited to a maximum of 100 SEK per night if you are admitted to the hospital.

Your high-cost insurance plan can cover both outpatient care and medicines in Sweden.

If you have high-cost protection for outpatient care, your annual outpatient care costs are limited to SEK 1,150. A year of high-cost medicine protection costs a maximum of 2,350 Swedish kronor.

In public healthcare, it may be difficult to get an appointment early. After a month, you might be able to get an appointment.


Stockholm’s high cost of living is offset by its high standard of living, making it one of Europe’s best cities in which to live. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital and largest city, is an environmentally-friendly place to live and work. Boat trips are available all year round, and Copenhagen and Oslo (as well as the Arctic) can be reached by plane. On the rare sunny days, you’ll find a few small beaches where you can relax.

If you’re considering relocating to Sweden, this guide should help you know how much it will cost to live in Stockholm. 

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