Is Energy Career Path Lucrative in 2022?

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

In the world today, we are being faced with innumerable career opportunities to choose from.  Some of which include teaching, health, engineering, finance, fashion, power, and lots more. While it is easier for some to choose their career path, it is a difficulty for others. Therefore, this article seeks to answer the question of whether energy career path is a good and profitable choice or not.  

The energy industry is a vital part of society as we cannot do without it. Looking around us, you can attest to the fact that the importance of power to mankind cannot be over-emphasized. Interestingly, every other industry needs and utilizes energy to be productive.  For this reason, the power sector strives to adopt cleaner, cheaper, better, and more sustainable options. In this article, we will highlight all you need to know about the energy career path and the different career choices you can make. 

Defining the Energy Sector 

Before answering the question of being a good career choice or not, you should understand what this profession represents. 

​The term energy sector is extremely broad and all-encompassing. It characterizes a complex and interrelated network of companies that are directly and/or indirectly involved in the production and distribution of energy needed to power every sphere of the world as well as facilitate the means of production and transportation. 

In other words, the sector includes corporations that are into the business of producing or supplying power such as fossil fuels or renewables.

Furthermore, the companies within the energy sector are involved in various types of energy. These companies are usually categorized based on the respective source of energy that they produce – renewable and non-renewable. In addition, the power industry includes secondary energy sources like electricity. 

Consequently, the energy sector has been an important driver of industrial growth over the years through its provision of fuel to power the rest of the economy. Can you even imagine a world without energy?

Why Energy is a Good Career Path

Are you still wondering whether a career in the energy sector is a good choice? Well, if you ask me, I’d say the answer is YES. I’m aware we all have our preferences when it comes to making a career selection. While some consider their passion, some look out for industries where there is a massive flow of money. Also, some people take into cognizance the nature of the work. 

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

However, pitching your tent in the energy industry is never a regrettable decision because it opens you up to numerous opportunities and advantages. You need to know that the opportunities for energy career progression are limitless. More so, energy is an established, well-paid, and most importantly, constantly growing and evolving career field. 

Now, let’s study closely the reasons you should venture into the energy sector. 

Provision of Jobs and Employment Opportunities 

Unemployment is one of the major problems noticed in society today. Looking around, you will find several unemployed individuals roaming the streets and/or moving from one job interview to another. The fact is that the population of people is on a steady rise whereas job opportunities are insufficient. 

Notwithstanding, there are numerous job opportunities in the energy sector. All you need to do is possess the needed skills and mastery. With that, you are certain to land yourself good-paying jobs. Interestingly, salaries or wages in this sector are always tangible. 

Let’s look at some of the job opportunities available in the energy industry. 

  • Energy Engineers
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Energy engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on developing technologies that are better for the environment and also efficient for energy production. Now, renewable energy is a major area of focus throughout the world today. For this reason, there is a high demand for power engineers globally. 

Energy engineers are needed by different industries, not only those who focus on green or renewable sources of power. Therefore, if you have an interest in engineering, the environment, and sustainability, this job is for you. Essentially, the main job of a power engineer is to minimize the consumption of power across all fields and industries. 

To perform effectively as a power engineer or to secure a job as a power engineer, there are a few technical skills required. They include 3D Modeling, Energy Auditing, AutoCAD (Computer-Aided Design), Renewable Energy System Design Software, and Energy simulation. Also, other computer programming skills, project management skills, mathematical and scientific skills as well as creative problem-solving skills are prerequisites. 

It is worthy of note that all power companies, especially in the petroleum industry, require the services of energy engineers to help improve their consumption while also helping them stay environmentally compliant. 

In addition, governments are also major employers of power engineers. Governments employ energy engineers to help them lead, advise, and/or run projects related to sustainability. 

  • Civil Engineers

In the energy industry, infrastructures are core necessities. To build, plan, develop, construct, and maintain these infrastructures like power plants, there are always openings for civil engineers. A civil engineer is needed to manage regulations, costs, hazards, and previous data during planning. 

  • Industrial Engineer
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Here’s another area where jobs are available in the power sector. Oftentimes, the services of industrial engineers are always needed whenever there is an expansion in the energy industry.   These engineers create systems that reduce waste and ensure efficiency. Noteworthy is that industrial engineers need to have an in-depth knowledge of all machines and products used on site.

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

  • Geoscientists

There are also surplus jobs for geoscientists in the power field. Geoscientists study the earth and its physical conditions, such as its composition and formation. They collect field samples and then analyze them in a laboratory to draw conclusions. In the power sector, their skills and knowledge are often needed to point out suitable resource deposits for exploitation. 

  • Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are also needed in the sector. Because the renewable energy industry is still new compared to conventional energy, research still needs to be conducted. Financial analysts perform cost-benefit analyses and calculate returns on investments to ensure a company is performing efficiently. Without financial analysts, power industries may end up running losses. 

The list goes on and on!

Therefore, it is clear that there are diverse career paths in the energy sector as seen in the outlined sub-specializations. Pursuing an energy career opens you up to different opportunities to choose from. 



One of the sectors where its workers and professionals create direct positive impacts on society is the power industry. A profession in this field allows you to contribute to positive societal changes and global economic growth. As aforementioned, the products from the power companies contribute largely to the economic growth and sustainability of every nook and cranny of the world. It is a well-known fact that every aspect of society needs power. What better sector is there to make a career out of? 

In addition, power engineers are the noble professionals given the responsibility to find new sources of power, harness them and convert them into that magic that comes through the electrical sockets in your house that powers your electrical appliances and mobile gadgets. 

On the whole, working in the power sector brings diverse responsibilities, with a focus on two main objectives. These include the development and invention of new ways to create power cleanly and efficiently. This makes engineers working in the power field great problem solvers and world influencers. 

In conclusion, an energy career path is a good choice. However, there are always two sides to a coin. Just like every other profession, the power sector has its downsides. Nonetheless, its contributions, merits, and usefulness outweigh its flaws. Still, it is necessary and pertinent for the players in this industry to develop new technologies and innovations as well as to adapt them to minimize the adverse impact of power production in society. 

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