Is Freelance Writing a Promising Career?

Is Freelance Writing a Promising Career?

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss and avoid the typical 9-to-5 work, freelance writing may be a great way to start being one. But writing is just one aspect of it; there’s much more! Additionally, not everyone is prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to turn their love for writing into a job. This is why in this article, I will be talking about what freelance writing is, if it is a good career, and what factors you should consider if you want to have a promising career in freelance writing.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelancing is defined as writing for pay while not fully or primarily employed by one firm. Freelance dates back to the Middle Ages. A knight or mercenary might become a free agent by selling their services to a lord. Today’s independent writers do work for a customer, but they are not mercenaries. A freelance writer is, by definition, a professional writer who contracts with a business rather than working there full-time. Freelance writers often work for more than one client and can write about a wide range of topics and styles, from technical writing to creative writing.

If you work as a freelance writer, you don’t have to submit your work to just one newspaper or group; you may send it to anybody who will pay you for it. Writing for a living might be artistic or technical, but it’s just a temporary commitment. A freelance writer often produces creative writing work first, then looks for an outlet to publish it. People often go to a freelance writer first when they need someone with technical or specialized knowledge.

Services Freelance Writers Provide 

If all you produce is online material, you will have plenty of opportunities as a freelance writer. To get you started, here is a brief breakdown of several content categories you can write about:

  • Blog posts are what I write about most often and what most internet businesses need.
  • Magazine articles are a more formal and journalistic style of writing.
  • Business websites often feature a lot of pages. You can be asked to produce an About page or a Products page as a freelance writer. Typically, copywriting would apply to this.
  • Emails are brief bits of material that range in length from 500 to 1,000 words. Many companies depend on emails to increase sales.
  • To draw customers to their newsletter, several companies employ eBooks. The majority of eBook writing is done by ghostwriters, but it’s still a valuable skill to have.
  • White papers are professional content that might generate leads for small companies.
  • Case studies are a very lucrative service to provide, much like authoring white papers. You are talking to clients and customers of a business and asking them about their experiences with the client’s goods or services.

Writing for a living is a respectable profession. Like in every profession, there are some who do it unethically or badly, and there may also be customers who attempt to take advantage of you. But if you take it seriously, it is possible to make a full-time living as a freelance writer and have a successful career.

Building a freelance writing career requires effort and patience. When you initially start out, the income might be poor and the work difficult. But if you’re prepared to put in the effort, you’ll be able to gradually increase both your business and your income. Given that freelance writers sometimes only operate online, it’s crucial to protect your bank information and only collaborate with customers you can trust. Risks may be minimized by using services like PayPal or markets for independent writers.

Demand for freelance writers is high. Due to the ongoing creation of fresh material by people, companies, and large organizations, there is a need for freelance writers across all industries. They need authors to assist them, and freelance writers often obtain the jobs. As a result, freelancing as a profession is acceptable. Do you need to do it, though?

Are All People Suitable for a Career in Freelance Writing?

Although freelance writing is a terrific job, not everyone is suited for it. Given the flexibility it provides, freelancing may be incredibly alluring. It enables individuals to work whenever they choose, wherever they are, and to make a living. But this does not imply that it is appropriate for everyone.

While some individuals are successful in their freelance writing jobs, others struggle to even get their first customer. You should be able to write effectively at the very least, even if just at an “entry” level. If you can’t construct a coherent sentence or aren’t on top of your spelling and punctuation, being a freelance writer is pointless. Even if you are really good at it, though, freelancing requires more than simply innate skill.

You’re in charge of managing your own company as a freelancer. Therefore, in addition to your writing talents, you also need business skills. This means being able to market yourself, give a sales pitch to potential customers, and negotiate prices.

Do Freelancers Earn Good Money?

The amount of money that independent authors make varies from person to person and relies on a number of variables. Starting off, while you establish your portfolio and skills, you could take jobs that don’t pay very much. However, the more work you do and the more value you can provide, the more people will be eager to pay for your knowledge.

For instance, a freelancer just starting out in their business would bill between £0.03 and £0.05 per word. They can often produce a piece of 1000 words in roughly an hour, earning between £30 and £50 per hour. They might earn up to £250 per day if they can commit to writing five articles each day. Of course, these statistics don’t always indicate that you make six figures annually. But, with time, effort, and improvement, you can grow your customer base and raise your prices to get more money.

Additionally, you must locate enough employment to pay you to write five articles every day at those prices. When you establish trusting connections with your customers, this becomes simpler. But first, finding a steady freelance gig might be difficult. Because of this, it’s crucial to have patience!

Factors to Consider to Become Good at Freelance Writing

These are some of the factors to take into account for a successful freelance writing career in content. Let’s talk about a few of those. 

1 – Determine Your Niche

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It’s critical to comprehend where your interests lie. You may choose from a wide range of themes when you work as a freelance content writer. You may select from a huge variety of specialties as well.

Online users often have inquiries about a variety of topics. As independent content creators, you should spend time researching the various subjects to determine which ones inspire you. This will give you the ability to produce material that will be better than the generic stuff that we often encounter online.

Your ability to write effectively as a professional content writer relies on your interest in the subject matter. Only when you write about subjects you are interested in can you be attentive and truthful. Your writing will undoubtedly be of great value to your internet readers when you pour your heart and soul into it. Writing about subjects you find interesting can also prevent you from becoming a content writer who is burnt out.

2 – Create Exposure with  Social Media 

Today’s omnipresent internet features a variety of online venues, including social media channels and a large number of digital podiums. They may assist you in staying in contact with your friends, family, and coworkers. It also gives you a lot of options so you can find the perfect job that interests you.

A strong online presence on social media platforms is crucial for independent authors. Even those who don’t want to be constantly online and posting updates about their lives are forced to be present.

From a professional standpoint, social media platforms have grown to be quite crucial. As a result, you should create accounts on all relevant social networking platforms. To stay current with trends, freelance content writers should often explore these platforms.

You will benefit from this in five key ways:

  • You may demonstrate your writing abilities.
  • You can use the channels to meet people in your field.
  • You may adhere to prominent thinkers and business veterans.
  • The bulk of your target audience will be on social media networks, so writers will have access to a wide range of subject matter ideas.

All of the aforementioned benefits highlight the enormous value of social media platforms. So, it’s important for people who make their own content to have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit.

3 – Networking is Important 

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You should learn how to connect with individuals from various businesses and sectors as professional, skilled freelance article writers. This demonstrates your writing prowess while also assisting customers and establishing your reputation as a reliable article writer. One such platform that links customers and people from various companies is LinkedIn. If you want to work as a freelance content writer, you will get the most out of networking on a site like LinkedIn.

Additionally, you may communicate with your current clientele through these various digital media outlets. A good network helps you build trust, which is good for your brand reputation as a content writer.

It’s easier to investigate different career paths when you network with individuals in your sector or in one that is related to it. You may brainstorm various ideas with them and engage in meaningful discussions and idea exchanges. That may enable you to further hone your writing abilities.

Popular industry professionals with a very successful freelancing content writing career may also be found on LinkedIn sharing their methods, structures, advice, and strategies. They also provide priceless guidance on freelance work and how it may become one of the most successful endeavors. Don’t undervalue the value of networking, and learn the skills that will enable you to research employment vacancies on these sites, among other things.

4 – Consistency is the Key to Success 

Writing content is primarily an inventive process that calls for creativity and a clear sense of achievement. An important quality of content writers is consistency, both in the text itself and in your tone and writing style. Your regular writing will increase readers’ confidence in you and their perception of your relatability. By keeping your tone and writing style consistent, you take away any chance of confusion between you and the reader.

Content writing for various types of content is a common aspect of freelance content creation. The tone and style of the content form are distinct. Some ask you to be objective, while others call for a kind tone. Some forms are official while others are casual. As a smart content writer, it is your job to find a balance and keep your work consistent.

For instance, your internet audience is used to reading your content with an approachable tone and basic but exquisite word choice. If you switch to a formal tone all of a sudden, it will hurt the relationship you’ve built up. So make an effort to keep your writing balanced and consistent. If you get into trouble, go back to your earlier writing to see how you styled it and what tone you used.

5 – Keep Building Your Skills 

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You are accountable for the freelance content writing jobs that you apply for and accept. This implies that you should continue to grow and learn new things in order to add even more relevant talents to your CV.

Large businesses and organizations are now searching for content writers that are familiar with the fundamentals of website design and layout. It is also desirable to have a basic understanding of the key digital marketing modules. To become a skilled content writer, there are a few more really crucial tasks that you must do.

6 – Guest Posts

For new freelance content writers, guest blogging has become one of the most popular content marketing strategies. Beginner content writers should try all of their options if they want to build a reputation as skilled, reliable people.

In essence, guest blogging refers to writing as a guest author on someone else’s website or blog. It has several benefits, including improving your relationship with the website or blog owner and showcasing your abilities and subject-matter knowledge. It also helps you get backlinks to your website and gives the notion that you are an authority.

You get immediate exposure when you post as a guest contributor to one or more renowned content or digital marketing blogs. The massive traffic that these websites get is the cause. This enables you to reach a new audience that will value your article and be interested in learning more about your website and your business.


Some people find freelancing to be a terrific career option, but not everyone is cut out for it. You may be able to succeed if you have a love for writing, some fundamental organizational abilities, and the willingness to learn and develop. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to write for a living, it might be a hard career at first. But as you gain experience and become more knowledgeable about your specialty, you’ll be able to charge more, draw in more customers, and get the outcomes you want.

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