How to Earn Income as a Student – [Complete Guide]

Income as a Student

Most students go through school without any experience of what it feels like to earn or fend for themselves. Many students, however, fend for themselves while they go through school because they lack support from family, friends, or the government.

It could be tough to earn your way through school and still focus on your academics, especially if you don’t know the kinds of activities that can fetch you enough money.

How can you make generate some income while still in school? Before you answer this question, it is essential to note that your primary assignment in school is to learn.

Earning is only one of the things that you get to do in school out of necessity. It is not the principal thing. However, life circumstances force some students to earn while they build the kind of life they desire.

Therefore, when you want to choose your income-generating activity, you need first to consider your lecture hours.

It would be best if you chose a business, trade, or job that you can do effectively and the one that builds on your strengths.

Your number one target should be to do your work to such an extent that your clients, customers, or boss would gladly recommend you, and the only way to achieve this is by doing things that you already have the strength to do.

The first thing you need to understand when you want to start earning income is that it takes time and requires patience. You can’t start a business or work and hope t rake in millions the following day. It takes time before you start seeing reasonable income in any business or endeavour.

You would need about 3-6 months of consistency before you start seeing significant results, while the big breakthrough might take 1 or 2 years to materialize.

If you are a patient person who would remain consistent, then one of the income-producing activities in this article would work for you.

This article reveals three simple ways that some activities have earned income for some students. Thousands of students have applied this method and they have seen consistent returns.

If you adopt one of these income methods, you will undoubtedly earn a reasonable income to sustain yourself through school. Let’s got through them one after another.

Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is by far the easiest way to earn income as a student. Influencers are people who can compel others to take action by championing ideas or thoughts. Every student has something to say that people would gladly want to hear.

Becoming an influencer means that you take a particular aspect of life, and you consistently share your thoughts and ideas about it, If you are an engineering student, you can constantly share your views on how AI would affect the future of engineers or how engineers can apply AI in their careers.

The more audience you can build; the more money you can earn.

To start as an influencer, you need to join platforms where you can constantly share your ideas and thoughts. It will also help if you get devices that you would use to capture the views you wish to share.

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You don’t need sophisticated devices, simple gadgets would do the job. Provided they are durable and portable enough to offer you flexibility.

Most of the content you would share online would be in videos, texts, images, and audio formats, so you may need devices that would support this kind of format.

Usually, influencers prefer social media platforms when they want to share their content.

You need to sign up on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, tic-tok, etc., to share your content and attract the audience.

Most of the people you want to communicate with are on these platforms, and you want them to consume your content.

As you begin to grow, make an effort to establish relationships with other influencers on your campus and other campuses.

It would make it easy for you to command a large following within a short period.

Influencers earn income from endorsements and advertisements.

As an influencer, brands, and companies would pay you to share information about their brands and products on your platforms.

Influencers earn as high as ten thousand or even millions of dollars per month, depending on the number of followers.

When you start as an influencer, you need to focus more on growing your audience than earning income.

The secrete of becoming an influencer and gaining an audience is sharing content that your audience love and would gladly share.

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It would be best if you focused on creating a tribe and not a business. Influencing goes beyond talking to people; it involves giving people a platform to speak, relate and associate.

As an influencer, you give people a sense of belonging. You give your audience a community to which they can connect and to connect= associate.

Become an Online Tutor

As an undergraduate, the academic workload could be so enormous that it requires extraordinary ability for individuals to pull through successfully.

If you are the kind of student that’s so talented with academic work, then becoming a digital tutor might be something that fits you.

In this age of video conferencing, the barrier of communication is near zero.

You and your colleagues can organize a tutorial group where they subscribe with a monthly fee.

During the week, each group member would submit topics, questions, and areas in which they experience difficulties.

You would work on those topics and questions over the week, and on weekends, you would create a videos conference for the group.

The conference would host all group members and explain the solution of the questions that you have solved.

The answers to the questions posted by each member could also go into distribution as a pdf file.

The potential of this kind of program is enormous. You can scale this program across campuses and hire other tutors to join you in the program.

Combining this program with other instant messaging app makes it easy to establish a more intimate relationship among members of your group.

Every student desperately wants to succeed. Rather than spending endless time chatting on social media and viewing content from other people, you can convert all those times to a period where you and your colleagues learn and achieve academic success.

At the same time, they pay you for doing so. With good business and leadership skills, you can quickly scale this idea across various campuses, thereby multiplying your income and earning potential.

Work on Campus

Most universities have several jobs available that students can do part-time. But, many students don’t know about these jobs, or they lack the skills that can help them take advantage of these jobs.

Personally, most lecturers, professors, and instructors on campuses are looking for students that can offset their workload and handle some task for them.

As an undergraduate, you have opportunities to earn from all of them.

However, it would be best if you spread the word about your skills to get a chance to work on campus. The best place to start is your academic officer or whoever you usually talk to regarding your academics.

By talking to this person and showing him your portfolio, experience, and competence, he would guide you and point you in the direction of the person that needs your skills and services.

Another way to get the word out about your skills is through your student union body. They have enough connections on campus, and they would recommend you when opportunities arise for your skills.

You also need to inform your friends and contacts about your skills.  Getting a job on campus might be highly competitive.

You have to put in a lot of energy and aggression if you want to stand a chance.

It’s also good to note that you must stay visible and connect with people on campus, especially influential people. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone that can give you a chance knows about you and your skills.

It is the only way to get what you want. If you keep waiting and hoping that a job will find you, you might wait endlessly.

The best approach is to get out there, find the job and convince them that you are the right person for the job. One of the critical things to watch out for when looking for an undergraduate job is the time involved.

Do not take jobs that would interfere with your academic hours because they will affect your grades and knowledge.

The kind of jobs you should opt for are only those that require you to work during the off-class hours and are not too stressful.


Earning income as an undergraduate does not necessarily mean physically exchanging your time for money.

In some instances, you can earn passive income by building something precious that people would want to use repeatedly. Writing an eBook is a great example. 

If you are talented and creative, you can craft eBooks and upload them to platforms like amazon kindle and which ensures that you keep earning consistent passive income.

You can set up a blog, join a freelance platform, learn to trade, etc.

This article did not attempt to cover all available means of earning income as an undergraduate; it simply offers you three unique and easy strategies that you can implement immediately and begin to see results.

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