How to Improve Your Programming Skills?

How to Improve Your Programming Skills?

Regardless of how experienced you are at programming, you can’t remain still, whether you’ve just begun by creating your first scope of work documents or signing your first contract templates. Always keep an eye out for opportunities to sharpen your coding abilities. This article examines ten techniques to help you improve your programming skills.

10 Ways to Improve Your Programming Skills

Here are ten things you can do to drastically improve your programming skills.

#1 – Set Achievable Goals

As a developer, setting goals can increase productivity. Everyone has their objectives; however, I came up with a short list of suggestions for you.

Create your website, get a new position, work as a freelancer or remotely, set goals for yourself, and improve your financial situation.

Remember to reserve time for the personal project, one of your most significant objectives. It’s one of the most essential aspects of coding. You should develop projects if you want to succeed and maintain your motivation.

But you’re not required to complete them constantly. The purpose is to finish your projects by hitting modest milestones.

I’ll use an illustration. You can start a blog project to learn how to use a database. However, if all you’re interested in learning is how to add something to a database, you may make a straightforward form (with a title and description) to do so.

I know this is easy, but you will meet your objective once you complete it.

Projects are essential for achieving goals since they encourage you to work on more specific instances.

#2 – Contribute to GitHub

Joining and contributing to GitHub is a requirement for improving your coding, period. No matter your experience level, contributing to an Open Source project almost always teaches you something new. It’s a fantastic learning curve and a great confidence booster all rolled into one, whether you learn it from looking at someone else’s code or getting comments on your work.

#3: Keep Practicing 

Work as hard as you can toward your goals once you’ve decided what they are. You learn more as you practice more.

You can equate learning to code to playing sports because it requires talent. You should practice a lot if you want to excel at it and perform well at work.

Try to practice coding every day, either after work or during your lunch break. You will experience expected gains if you establish a habit and maintain it, even if it is only for an hour.

How to Improve Your Programming Skills?

#4 – Read More Codes 

You have to read more books and a wider variety of books to improve as a writer; therefore, make an effort to do both.

Similar to writing, reading a lot of code, especially from excellent programmers, will help you become a better programmer, which is just another kind of writing.

Scikit-LearnFindings from Stackoverflow by JJruner, Bootstrap, and many other Github repositories have exceptionally excellent code.

It goes beyond just reading code.

The Pragmatic Programmer by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt is a well-known book to get you started, but reading is generally beneficial because it broadens your thinking. There are many books available to help you become a better programmer.

#5 – Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts about coding are a great way to keep up with the latest developments, discover cutting-edge methods and web design tools, and hear from more seasoned programmers about their professional journeys. Learning through listening is also a fun and successful instructional approach that allows you to focus on the subject without being distracted by cat videos and clickbait.

CodeNewbie, Shop Talk Show, JavaScript Jabber, and Try Bonsai for Free are some of my favorite podcasts.

#6 – Join a Community and Contribute

Speaking with and listening to professionals already employed is a definite way to advance your programming abilities. Ask questions by signing up for Stack Overflow or Reddit and visiting one of the many pertinent Subreddits (the programming one is an excellent place to start). Ask for assistance and share your code; you’ll be astounded at how willing the community is to assist.

#7 – Work on Real Projects to Hone your Programming Skills 

If you’re not actively working on real projects, your programming skills won’t advance as quickly as you’d want.

How do you locate these projects, then? You could look into freelance websites and approach small firms with your services. Alternatively, you might send a cold email to neighborhood agencies with freelance proposals and volunteer to help when needed.

#8 – Create a Personal Portfolio of Projects

Roll up your sleeves and start to work even if you aren’t quite self-assured enough to pitch for actual projects or don’t have the portfolio to support a stellar proposal.

Most seasoned developers have completed work on spec only to demonstrate their expertise. Create your own website or app to gain experience and get noticed.

#9 – Follow Your Favorite Programmers on Social Media

Find the creators of any websites or applications you enjoy and start following them on social media. You have another chance to ask questions; this time, the answers will come directly from the source. Additionally, you may create a strong network of coding experts that you can rely on for support.

#10 – Play a Game of Coding 

You might quickly lose interest in coding if all you do is read about it and then code until your eyes are square. You need to find another way to learn that will make the process a little more enjoyable.

Play some coding games. As you solve challenges and advance through the levels in gamified learning, you can develop your programming abilities and increase your confidence.


While these techniques are excellent to help you to improve your programming skills alone, it’s more probable that you’ll work in teams in the real world. According to my limited experience, the real growth occurs when you collaborate with people, especially those much wiser than you because you can learn from them how to become a better programmer.

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