Is Consumer Non-Durable Goods a Good Career Path?

Is Consumer Non-Durable Goods a Good Career Path?

The non-durable goods sector has been receiving a lot of hype during the period of economic stagnation as many talks about the prospects and growth of the sector. There’s no doubt that the consumer non-durable goods market is growing rapidly. This period is an opportunity for anyone to earn more than $100,000 a year with the average non-durable goods worker earning around $30,000 a year.

Many people sell online or through catalogs and there are a lot of factors you need to consider if you want to be a nondurable goods seller. This article looks into what nondurable goods are and if consumer non-durable goods are a good career path

What is Consumer Non-Durable Goods?

Consumer goods are goods used by individuals or families. It helps to show a country’s standard of living and also makes it possible to assess the tastes and characteristics of a society.

Consumer goods are goods produced by man intended for consumption. They are usually divided into durable, semi-durable, and non-durable goods. The non-durable goods are goods that are meant to be consumed immediately such as ice cream, and chocolate, while the durable goods are goods that can be used over and over for a long period of time. In contrast to these two, semi-durable goods are goods that wear out little by little such as shoes and clothes.

You can liken non-durable goods to stuff such as the coffee you drink every morning, the rice you eat, and the water you consume daily. The chocolate bar you purchase is not meant to wear out little by little or to be used over a long period. You buy it to consume immediately and this is why it can be classified as a non-durable consumer good.

Any product that you purchase intending to consume immediately are non-durable consumer goods and products you purchase intending to use for a long period are durable consumer goods. Some examples of durable consumer goods are cars, microwaves, washing machines, telephones, televisions, and many others. Examples of nondurable goods are food items that are meant to be consumed immediately.

Is Consumer Non-Durables Goods a Good Career Path?

Is consumer non-durable goods a good career path? The answer is yes. Every family and individual in the country consumes non-durable goods daily. This is why non-durable goods are in very high demand and it shows how important non-durable goods are in providing revenue and income for society.

One reason why consumer non-durable goods are a good career option is that it has a lot of job opportunities. This sector consists of numerous multinational companies and these companies are always on the lookout to hire people from a wide cultural diversity. Products in the consumer non-durable goods sector are influenced by trends which means that you are at the forefront of technology and consumer needs. An example of a consumer non-durable company is Unilever. Unilever provides a good career opportunity for those who want to get started in the consumer non-durable sector.

Unilever offers internships to students for five to six months and they are usually paid. Other nondurable goods companies offer full-time employment after students have completed their internship programs. There are so many nondurable goods companies in the sector today that are popular around the world. Examples of such are Nestle AG, PepsiCo, Christian Dior, Coca-Cola, Loreal, and many more. These companies help graduates become seasoned professionals in the field.

There are many job positions that you can occupy in the consumer non-durable goods sector. Under the brand and marketing department, you can be a brand designer, a researcher, or a communication specialist. Under the product departments, you can find different roles in the engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, and quality assurance department. Other positions in this sector include sales and support positions like human relations (HR), legal and intellectual property, and accounting. You can start in most of these roles as an intern and work your way up to a full-time career role in these sectors.

One of the perks of being an employee in the non-durable sector is that you are open to a lot of benefits such as Health Insurance, stock bonuses, paid trips, and even sick leaves. Some non-durable companies even provide training for their new employees to prepare them for the challenges ahead.

List of the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables 2022

We have talked about the various benefits of working in the consumer non-durables sector. Let’s look at the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
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The pharmaceutical industry is an important sector in today’s economy as it is necessary for the health of humans and animals alike. Humans and animals need drugs and supplements to become better when they are sick, which is why pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are one of the best-paying jobs in the consumer non-durables industry.

This industry needs experts and professionals across a wide range of positions such as researchers, analysts, drugs specialists, and production laborers. According to, the average drug-producing professional earns around $3360 monthly. A drug specialist or certified pharmacist earns up to $125,000 annually. This puts the pharmaceutical manufacturing company on a pedestal as one of the best-paying jobs in the consumer non-durables industry.

  • Paper Manufacturing

Although they are non-durable, paper is still a commodity that remains in circulation. This is due to the high demand for their products such as paper towels, tissues, napkins, writing books, newspapers, and so many other items. The paper industry is one of the best and highest paying consumer non-durable industries in developed countries. The normal pay in paper production is around $29 for an hour’s work and the average salary for paper workers in the paper manufacturing non-durables industry sits at around $56,535 per year.

  • Food Manufacturing

This is one industry that has no rival. Food is needed for sustenance. As long as man and animals need to fight to stay alive and healthy, there will always be a high demand for food in the market. This is why there are so many job opportunities in the food industry and one even without a degree can create a career for himself or herself in the food industry.

Is Consumer Non-Durable Goods a Good Career Path?

There are so many positions such as food science experts, product designers, logistics experts, and so many more. According to information by BLS, the average laborer across all food creation occupations earns around $23.50 every hour.

  • Beauty and Cosmetic industry
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The beauty and cosmetic industry is another promising industry for those who seek to create a career in consumer non-durable goods. As long as you understand the nature of the job and are prepared to meet the basic requirements, the opportunities are huge for you.

There are more than a million jobs in the cosmetic market and it is estimated that the beauty and cosmetic industry will continue growing between 10% to 15% as the population of people keeps increasing. Unilever Group and P&G are one of the fast-moving and largest consumer non-durable and factoring companies. The average salary for beauty and cosmetic industry jobs is around $69,251.

  • Farm Tools or Agricultural Equipments Production Companies

Unlike other consumer non-durable sectors, the farm tools and agricultural sector requires manpower and is not open to everyone. However, it is a lucrative and high-paying consumer non-durables industry.

Most companies pay their workers between $25 to $35 per hour depending on the position and their responsibilities. The average salary for a worker in the farming equipment manufacturing industry is $68, 000 per year.

  • Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry

Also listed among the consumer non-durable goods sector is the oil and gas industry. They manufacture and sell finished products such as gasoline that are intended for immediate consumption or direct use. This industry has one of the largest employee bases as they provide tons of departments with different positions such as engineers, IT specialists, sales, marketing, and logistics. The salary range in the oil and gas sector annually sits at around $197,000 and the average oil and gas worker earns around $81,900 pay year.


It is undisputed that the consumer non-durable sector is important in today’s economy. The consumer non-durable industry is an amazing sector to start a career in. We have created this article to open your eyes to the opportunities in this industry and the different career paths you can take. Be sure to research each role and find one that fits your career and professional goals.

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