Learn a New Skill: 50 Cool Skills to Learn and Master

Learn a New Skill: 50 Cool Skills to Learn and Master
Learn a New Skill: 50 Cool Skills to Learn and Master
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  1. Learn Something New: 50 Cool Skills to learn in 2022
  2. #1. Learn How to Braid
  3. #2. Become a Photographer
  4. #3. Learn Graphics Designing
  5. #4. Try Making and Editing Videos
  6. #5. Learn How to Creates Mobile Applications
  7. #6. Learn How to Build and Paint Models
  8. #7. Learn Hunting
  9. #8. Learn YouTube Skills
  10. #9. Become a Language Translator
  11. #10. Learn How to Write and Publish Your Books Today
  12. #11. Become a Stand-up Comedian
  13. #12. Acquire Coding Skills
  14. #13. Learn how to Take Trivia to The Next Level
  15. #14. Learn Tie and Dye
  16. #15. Learn Pottery and Glazing
  17. #16. Take an Online Course
  18. #17. Learn How to Cook
  19. #18. Learn Gardening and Farming
  20. #19. Learn How to Create Graphic Novels
  21. #20. Learn How to Make Wall Mural
  22. #21. Learn How to Write a Screenplay
  23. #22. Learn How to Flip a House
  24. #23. Acquire Socialization Skills
  25. #24. Learn Soap Making
  26. #25. Learn How to Make Cakes and Pastries
  27. #26. Learn How to Dance
  28. #27. Learn Some Self Defence Skills
  29. #28. Learn Tarot Card Reading
  30. #29. Learn Yoga
  31. #30. Master the Breathing Technique
  32. #31. Learn How to Fly Drones
  33. #32. Learn Card Tricks and Impress Your Friends
  34. #33. Learn How to Knit
  35. #34. Learn to Play a New Musical Instrument
  36. #35. Learn Touch-Typing and Ten-Key
  37. #36. Learn Public Speaking
  38. #37. Become Microsoft Office Suite Certified
  39. #38. Acquire Some Basic Kitchen Care Skills
  40. #39. Learn Speed Reading
  41. #40. Learn How to Write Poems
  42. #41. Learn how to Create Various Home Remedies
  43. #42. Acquire Basic Landscaping Skills
  44. #43. Learn How to Become an Influencer on Instagram
  45. #44. Enhance Your Marketing Skills
  46. #45. Become a Video Game Tester
  47. #46. Become a Makeup Artist
  48. #47. Acquire Pedicure and Manicure Skills
  49. #48. Learn How to Make Simple Footwear
  50. #49. Learn How to Weave
  51. #50. Learn How to Build a Basic Shelter
  52. Conclusion
  53. References
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Learning a new skill is vital whether you want to do it for the sake of having fun or to boost your CV. The world is changing these days, and the only thing that sets you apart from the crowd is a skill you have that isn’t related to your qualifications. Furthermore, if you want to break into a new field but lack the appropriate academic qualifications, gaining relevant skills is one of the best ways to level up to the needs of your new work choice.

The more talents you acquire, the more probable you are to earn more than your coworkers. The bigger your skill set, the more valuable you are and the higher your competitive edge. It also gives you the power to negotiate better wages with employers.

Without further ado, here are 50 incredible skills to learn in 2022 that will help you boost your CV while also allowing you to earn some additional cash in your leisure time.

Learn Something New: 50 Cool Skills to learn in 2022

#1. Learn How to Braid

Braiding is a thrilling and enjoyable skill for anyone who enjoys making others seem beautiful. Many people are growing more self-aware today, without a question. Everyone wants to appear good whenever they go out, and they are prepared to pay to do so.

There are many different braid styles to pick from, and you don’t need any prior braiding knowledge to learn them. To become a superb braider, all you need is a desire to study and a passion for bread. You can learn to braid either for fun or to make money in your spare time.

#2. Become a Photographer

Photography is not only growing more popular these days, but it is also quickly becoming a source of income for many people.

The good news is that there are a plethora of free and paid materials available online, whether you want to learn the fundamentals of good photography or want to pursue a career as a professional photographer. Start by looking over this list of the Ten Best Free Online Photography Courses.

#3. Learn Graphics Designing

Everything revolves around design. Everything is a reflection of someone’s creative thinking, from television to the internet to advertising and product design. That person works as a graphic designer. Graphic design is becoming a very valuable ability that can earn you a lot of money.

The good news is that you don’t need any prior experience to get started with graphics design. You can get started right now if you have a tablet, a computer, and a desire to create unique designs.

Get started today with your graphics design lesson and unleash your creative imagination.

#4. Try Making and Editing Videos

Filmmaking is now more accessible than ever before. While professional video production, such as that of Steven Spielberg, necessitates a wide range of talents and years of experience, generating armature videos for fun and pleasure may be accomplished using a smartphone and simple video editing software.

Make short entertaining films for friends and family, short action flicks, or documentaries to get started.

However, it is critical to ensure that you are doing something you enjoy because that is the only way to avoid becoming bored out of your mind. Today, you can study the fundamentals of filming and editing on YouTube.

#5. Learn How to Creates Mobile Applications

App designers are already reaping the benefits of their many years of study, thanks to the introduction of new programming languages, the rise of the internet, and the evolution of mobile devices.

We now carry our phones with us everywhere and rely on them for practically everything, from transactions to information and pleasure. Companies are already hiring app designers to produce engaging and highly interactive apps for mobile phones. On Google Play and the Apple App Store, there are already over four million apps available.

While getting your app noticed can be difficult, it is not a terrible idea to design an app if you have any unique ideas floating around in your head. Furthermore, you might learn the skill to improve your CV or simply for fun.

Visit the link to learn the fundamentals of app design.

#6. Learn How to Build and Paint Models

Making model planes, houses, ships, trains, and other structures may be a pleasant activity that also opens up doors to new possibilities. The client may see and understand what the finished job will look like by making a model. You can work in a variety of businesses and earn a lot of money in your spare time. There’s nothing like witnessing a live presentation of your plan to bring a smile to your face. It provides a sense of accomplishment.

#7. Learn Hunting

Hunting is certainly not a thing for everyone. However, do not be perturbed as there are fifty skills on this list to choose from and forge ahead.

There is no doubt that millions of people around the world cherish hunting as a skill because of its many benefits.

Hunting requires a lot of concentration and determination to become very good at it. Therefore, if you are interested in hunting, follow the link to success.

#8. Learn YouTube Skills

Starting a YouTube channel isn’t as difficult as it appears. You’re ready to go after a few lectures and a few button clicks. One way to spend your time productively is to become a YouTube content creator.

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It’s best to think about what your YouTube channel will be about before you create one. After you’ve decided on the type of material you’ll create, the following step is to determine when you’ll publish it. It’ll take some time for you to start making money from your YouTube channel because you’ll need hundreds of thousands of views to get compensated for the stuff you upload.

To become an excellent YouTube content creator, there are a few guides here you can bank on. You can also visit the training section of the website for interesting video tutorials on how to become a successful YouTube content creator.

#9. Become a Language Translator

If you are interested in learning new languages, 2021 may be the year for you. Translators can now earn up to $25 per hour if they have the ability to understand and communicate in many languages. There are also other languages that are in high demand, such as French, Chinese, and Spanish.

If you have made up your mind to learn a language skill, you can visit the following link to access the free language series.

#10. Learn How to Write and Publish Your Books Today

Not all of the effects of the pandemic and social isolation are negative. On the other end of the spectrum is a creative mind eager to explore all of the imaginary world’s possibilities. Pick up your pen and paper and learn a few things about writing.

While the prospect of writing a book on your own may seem daunting, you can begin by selecting a topic that interests you the most and creating an outline. It’s important to remember that producing a great book necessitates rewriting and rewriting until the book reaches a final shape that your readers will love.

Are you still confused about where to begin your journey? You can start by visiting Reedsy’s blog for the 15 essential steps to writing an engaging and interesting book.

#11. Become a Stand-up Comedian

Comedy has always been a method for people to drown their sorrows and unwind, from the days of Charlie Chaplin to the present days of stand-up comedy with Kevin Hart and co.

If you enjoy making others laugh, you might want to try pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian. If your state prohibits public gatherings due to the pandemic, you can start live streaming your comedy to see how many people are willing to pay for your jokes.

At the end of the day, you might just be smiling your way to the bank. However, becoming a great stand-up comedian requires some skills and guidelines. You can visit Benjamin Lindsay for more interesting information on becoming successful as a stand-up comedian.

#12. Acquire Coding Skills

Today, we can confidently assert that our world is governed by codes. As a result, learning to code is one approach to demonstrate that you can communicate with the machines around you. Learning to code can be enjoyable, especially when you consider the benefits of being able to speak with computers and other machines in their own language.

Coding isn’t as complicated as it may appear at first. It’s simple to understand after you’ve grasped the fundamentals. Before moving on to more complex languages, it’s always a good idea to start with simple languages like C++ or Java.

One of the places I usually recommend to beginners is Codecademy. They have a lot of free stuff for beginners and paid tutorials for those who wish to take their coding skills to a professional level.

#13. Learn how to Take Trivia to The Next Level

You can become a trivia master and take trivia to the next level if you appreciate learning and mastering diverse sectors of effort. To become a true trivia expert, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort.

Joining an in-person trivia night, on the other hand, is the greatest way to become an expert at trivia. It’s a sure-fire approach to improve your trivia skills.

#14. Learn Tie and Dye

Tie and dye is a skill that can help you stand out in a variety of situations. You can tie-dye your garments for personal or commercial reasons.

When it comes to dying, cotton is usually the best option. However, you might want to try a few other things to see how they turn out. Most people enjoy dying shirts; why not go one step further and experiment with towels, curtains, and pillowcases? Be imaginative and take your imagination to the next level. If you’re searching for a place to learn tie-dye, this is a wonderful place to start.

#15. Learn Pottery and Glazing

Pottery and glazing are very interesting skills and one way to put your artistic skills to use. Pottery and one skill that can give you a sense of satisfaction and can be a great way to spend your free time.

With persistence and creativity, you can take pottery and glazing to a professional level and make some good money out of it.

You can find some great information online on how to become a potter at home (even if you don’t have a kiln). You can also follow this link to learn how to glaze your works at home.

#16. Take an Online Course

As 2021 comes to an end, why not take a new course online? There are many cool skills to learn online and many sites offer these skills for free. Some of the best free learning sites include edX, Coursera, Udemy, Harvard University’s free online course catalog, and many others.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for more in-depth courses online, you might consider joining paid classes like Mindvalley and Masterclass. Here is a list of the top ten online learning platforms you can choose from to start your journey to acquiring a new skill today.

#17. Learn How to Cook

Cooking is one of the most underappreciated skills, but it is a necessary survival skill for everyone. You can learn to create a variety of various dishes.

It’s vital, however, to stick to things you enjoy—just a few dishes are all you’ll need. Cooking is a great method to wow your friends, family, and loved ones. There are a slew of websites dedicated to teaching people how to cook great meals (YouTube is a wonderful place to start), as well as a slew of free menus to download.

Almost anything you need can be found for free or at a reasonable price on the internet.

#18. Learn Gardening and Farming

Gardening and farming are great skills that help you grow healthy fruits and vegetables for personal use. There is pride in growing your fruits and vegetables and if you have enough space; you can take your gardening skills to a commercial level.

With global food shortages, gardening and farming are great skills to add to your collection.

#19. Learn How to Create Graphic Novels

If you have any artistic abilities that have been dormant for a long time, why not resurrect them now and learn how to create graphic novels?

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Explore the internet, look at other people’s work, and learn a thing or two about graphic novels. Graphic novels are fun and engaging, and they’re a great opportunity to experiment with your creative approach.

You can begin by developing a lot of free content and seeing how well it is received before moving on to paid material. Show us what you’re made of, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity.

#20. Learn How to Make Wall Mural

Everything you need is a wall and some paint to begin making incredible murals. The beautiful thing about the mural is that depending on the size, you can do one in a day or two. Start with a wall in your room to assess how well your creativity comes across before moving on to public spaces.

Making a mural is a lot of fun, and it’s one of the cool skills you can pick up quickly. However, if you’re painting a mural in a public location, make sure you acquire permission first to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

#21. Learn How to Write a Screenplay

All of today’s films, whether low-budget or large blockbusters are the result of a creative mind’s imagination. They all start with a thought that is written down.

It takes a lot of practice and re-reading to become a successful screenwriter. From the first draft to the final content, you’ll need to pay close attention and have a solid sense of what your readers will enjoy.

Watching a lot of movies and reading their screenplays to understand how they’re written is the finest method to develop your screenwriting skills. Writing screenplays is a lot of fun because you get to develop your own characters and express yourself in a variety of ways.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can find several screenplays from popular titles online to have a grasp of what a complete screenplay looks like. There are also many free screenplay writing resources available online that you can utilize to kick-start your screenwriting journey.

#22. Learn How to Flip a House

One of the ways people make money today is by flipping houses. Though it can be challenging, if you understand the nitty-gritty, it can be a great side hustle. You require a lot of patience and mastery to spot the right properties with great potentials.

However, once you understand the basics and pick the right choice, you can make a lot of money from flipping just a single property.

However, if you are not skilled yet in the profession, you can hire a crew to do it for you and decide on the percentage. Follow the link for the essential steps to follow when flipping a house.

#23. Acquire Socialization Skills

If you already know how to mingle and have many friends, this might sound very common to you. However, whether you believe it or not, there are a good number of people that lack the proper socialization skills. If you find yourself finding it difficult to mingle with people and adapt to a new environment, then you require some socialization skills.

Also, socialization skill is essential for the working environment. Bonding with new people is very interesting and can be a lot of fun. Once you bond with people, it becomes easier to flow with them. If you want to start making new friends, here is a guide on the skill set you need to make great friends.

#24. Learn Soap Making

Soap making can be a fun and interesting skill to learn and it is also much easier than you might think. Soap-making does not require you to be a science guru and all the steps are achievable at home.

All you need is a few lessons and the right ingredients to kick-start your soap-making adventure. Once you understand the concept of soap making, you can make them in different flavors and shapes.

Visit Food52 for simple guides on how to make soap at home.

#25. Learn How to Make Cakes and Pastries

Making cakes is a very interesting skill that is never a waste of time. Whether you have people coming over or not, you can make cakes today and eat them later. Cakes never go out of fashion and you can enjoy them in many ways.

Talks about heavenly, cakes live an indelible memory deep down. Follow the link to a guide to some interesting easy to make cake recipes.

#26. Learn How to Dance

Dancing can be a great way to stay fit and also have fun. Whether it’s samba you want to try out or you wish to do the tango or learn some hip hop killer moves, you got all it takes in your living room to start learning. Dancing is also a great way to relieve tension.

There are a lot of dance steps available online and as usual, YouTube is a great place to start from. 45 minutes of a good dance is enough to keep you energized and happy all through the day. Why not start taking some dance lessons today?

#27. Learn Some Self Defence Skills

Self-defense abilities are crucial, especially if you’re in a tight situation with no way out. We all know the world is a terrible place, and it becomes even more hazardous at night. Even if you never have to use those self-defense abilities, knowing them is still important.

You can check with your local community for self-defense classes to enroll in or you can find valuable resources online at SkillShare.

#28. Learn Tarot Card Reading

Reading tarot cards can be both attractive and fascinating. Furthermore, you can supplement your income by reading cards and predicting people’s futures. Tarot card reading necessitates a wide range of abilities and knowledge.

There are many resources available online for those that wish to learn Tarot reading. If you are interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of card reading, you can learn from these free Tarot card reading guides.

#29. Learn Yoga

Yoga has numerous advantages, and now may be the greatest moment to join in a yoga class. Yoga is a fantastic workout, and you should try it out not only for the fun of it, but also for the numerous health benefits it provides. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a Yoga professional and then an instructor.

Even if you have no prior experience with Yoga, there are numerous free materials available online for newcomers. You can also join a local yoga center and participate in their regular activities.

#30. Master the Breathing Technique

Breathing technique is linked to breathwork, which is the practice of employing breathing patterns to repair physical and mental barriers.

Breathwork also aids in the re-energization and revitalization of the body. Breathwork is highly recommended and can be a very useful and powerful therapy if you have a lot of emotional and physical obstacles.

To learn more about the power of mastering breathing techniques, follow the link.

#31. Learn How to Fly Drones

Drone technology has undoubtedly advanced to a new level, with many new fascinating functions and HD cameras being introduced. Drone piloting isn’t as difficult as you may think, and it puts you one step ahead of the game.

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Today’s drones come with cameras that allow you to snap aerial shots straight up. Today, expertise is necessary in the entertainment industry, as well as in events, documentaries, and video shots, among other things. Drone images are in high demand since they add to the production’s aesthetic.

#32. Learn Card Tricks and Impress Your Friends

You can perform card tricks like Chris Angel or David Blaine and make people gasp. To master the art of card tricks, all you need is patience and a lot of practice. You can learn a variety of card tricks online. However, before moving on to mind-reading techniques, it is usually advisable to start with the simple and less difficult tricks.

#33. Learn How to Knit

Knitting is a creative and pleasant activity that can be learned in a short amount of time. You can either tackle a huge job, such as knitting clothes, or a smaller activity, such as knitting a scarf. Knitting, regardless of your preference, can be a very fascinating and enjoyable pastime.

The more you knit, the better you’ll get at it, and the more complicated the designs you’ll be able to make.

You can find free resources from Sheep and Stitches to help you understand the basics of knitting.

#34. Learn to Play a New Musical Instrument

Music is the soul of life, and you can never have too much of it. Learning to play a musical instrument may be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. There are many different musical instruments to learn, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to master more than one in a short amount of time.

However, it is usually preferable to begin with one and master it before moving on to another. Learning to play a musical instrument takes a lot of dedication and practice to master. Nonetheless, if you put your mind to it, you can succeed.

#35. Learn Touch-Typing and Ten-Key

Touch-typing, often known as ten-keys, is a useful ability to have, especially when composing documents. Touch-typing can help you be more productive. Many employers today see persons who can touch type and have ten-key abilities as valuable assets. As a result, learning this talent can help you improve your resume and salary. Typing is a necessary skill for any career, whether it’s data entry, administration, or writing.

As a result, improving your typing skills can be a terrific way to boost your worth. The cost of increasing your typing skills often ranges from free online classes to professional training that costs a few hundred dollars.

You can access typing courses on platforms like Udemy for as low as $10.99 and as much as $199. Touch-typing is one of those skills to learn especially if your work requires a lot of typing.

#36. Learn Public Speaking

Public speaking, like socializing, is an important ability to have, especially if you’re building a brand or working in a field that involves a lot of communication, such as marketing. Taking public speaking classes can also help you improve your skills if you want to work in leadership or motivational speaking jobs.

You can either enroll in a public speaking class near you or take a public speaking course online. Taking public speaking courses could be one of the most beneficial decisions you make in 2021.

#37. Become Microsoft Office Suite Certified

One approach to set yourself apart from the average Microsoft Office user is to pursue a certification in the Microsoft Office suite. Certification demonstrates that you are adept in the Microsoft Office Suite’s various products, such as PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, and Words.

If your employment requires you to type and prepare various papers as well as work with spreadsheets, you might consider obtaining a Microsoft Office Suite certification.

Many websites provide free Microsoft office suite certification training, but you must pay for the certificate at the conclusion of the course.

#38. Acquire Some Basic Kitchen Care Skills

It’s not uncommon for the kitchen sink to become clogged, requiring you to hire a plumber to unclog it. You can, however, prevent these avoidable costs by learning how to unclog your own sink.

There are several methods for unclogging a sink, and you may learn them all for free online or by enrolling in professional training with an expert. You might also volunteer to work as an apprentice at the plumber’s shop to learn some of the fundamentals of unclogging kitchen sinks.

Cleaning the chimney and caring for kitchen appliances are two other kitchen skills you can acquire. While it is easy to dismiss the skill, it is one of the cool abilities to learn if you want to advance in your career.

#39. Learn Speed Reading

The amount of time you spend reading a single document influences how much you can get done in a given amount of time. As a result, if you’ve decided to read more books this year, you’ll require speed reading skills. There are a few strategies you can use to improve your reading skills by doubling or tripling them.

For additional information on how to enhance your reading speed, follow Ron White (Memory expert). You can also learn this subject by watching video tutorials on YouTube in your spare time. The faster you read, the more books and documents you will read in a short amount of time.

#40. Learn How to Write Poems

Poetry is a lovely and intriguing technique to convey one’s emotions in a unique way. Whether you choose to stick to a tight rhyme pattern or go for a free flow poem, there are no hard and fast rules that will prevent you from expressing yourself poetically.

Read a lot of poetry by great poets like Edgar Allan Poe and Carlos Williams to get a sense of what makes a great poet. If you want to learn how to write poetry, this is an excellent place to start. guide for beginners on poetry writing.

#41. Learn how to Create Various Home Remedies

Several home remedies can help with migraines, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, the common cold, and fever, among other things. These home treatments might come in handy in a pinch, especially during an emergency.

Home remedies can save you money by preventing you from running to the pharmacy every time you have a minor problem. Home remedy abilities might save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

The site will give you information about home treatments if you are interested. a free guide on understanding herbs.

#42. Acquire Basic Landscaping Skills

The only thing that separates your lawn from your neighbors’ is the well-kept landscaping. It can take a long time to learn about landscaping and become an expert.

Understanding how it is done, it takes a lot of practice and weeks in the field. However, in the end, it can be profitable and fulfilling. Hiring a professional landscaper to work on your property can be quite costly.

As a result, learning landscaping skills can help you save money by allowing you to perform some of the tasks yourself. Again, having a basic understanding of landscaping will assist you in determining what you want and who and what tools to use for the project.

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Consider watching some online videos and following professionals in the field to learn what it takes to become an expert landscaper.

#43. Learn How to Become an Influencer on Instagram

These days, Instagram influencers make a lot of money. However, becoming a pro, or rather, getting public notoriety, will necessitate some talent and knowledge. As an influencer, you must acquire a large number of followers, which necessitates particular talents and technicalities.

If you have the ability to make people laugh, this can help you acquire a large number of followers to your page, making you a target for huge companies and celebrities looking to promote their abilities and products.

Consider using the following guide if you want to generate some extra money from your social network account. to learn the basic steps of becoming an Instagram influencer.

#44. Enhance Your Marketing Skills

Do you want to improve your marketing talents and sell more than ever before? The year 2021 is ideal for learning new marketing skills and increasing productivity.

To effectively sell your product, you must first establish a sufficient presence and need for it, which can only be accomplished through marketing. Understanding the dos and don’ts of marketing can be both intriguing and exciting, as well as crucial to your long-term business success.

The good news is that you may put your marketing skills to work for an organization or use them to further your own goals.

Either way, you should consider upgrading your marketing skills today and stand a better chance in the dog-eat-dog market of today. You can find a list of marketing courses online at Coursera.

#45. Become a Video Game Tester

Have you ever considered earning money while doing something you enjoy? Video game enthusiasts can earn up to $25 per hour by simply playing and analyzing games.

You may also use services like Twitch to Livestream your videogame play sessions and welcome feedback from others while playing your favorite games and trying out a variety of new releases.

There are a few things you should know if you want to work as a professional video game tester. Free instruction on how to become a video game tester can be found here.

#46. Become a Makeup Artist

We all want to look our best, whether it’s on our first date, our wedding day, or a major event with a large number of dignitaries in attendance. We all want to appear nice at all times, and many of us are prepared to spend a significant amount of money at a makeup studio in order to do so.

Professional makeup can be costly and time-consuming, and you may have to wait for hours on end for someone to attend to you. As a result, gaining a strong understanding of cosmetics can help you save a lot of money and time at the makeup studio.

It’s also a great way to learn about different kinds of cosmetics and how to use them properly. Learn how to apply makeup like an expert and wow your family, friends, and coworkers with your amazing appearance.


#47. Acquire Pedicure and Manicure Skills

Manicure and pedicure are frequently combined with cosmetics. As a result, it didn’t appear next to makeup by chance. Many makeup artists also offer manicures and pedicures to their clientele.

Pedicure and manicure abilities, on the other hand, can be used as a stand-alone talent to make the nails look neater, more beautiful, and better.

You can make a lot of money doing pedicures and manicures, or you can learn the art for personal use and save money on nail care. It’s a win-win situation for you in either case.

#48. Learn How to Make Simple Footwear

It’s not just for huge firms like Nike or celebrities like Michael Jordan or Kanye West to have a thorough understanding of how to develop your footwear brand.

You, too, can master the fundamentals and start a business right now in the comfort of your own garage—after all, that’s where many of today’s great firms began. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs, and you can also experiment with different materials.

There are no hard and fast laws when it comes to creativity; instead, there are guidelines and fundamental concepts to follow. Look for free shoemaking lessons on the internet. You might also want to consider paying for advanced classes if you want to do more in-depth research.

#49. Learn How to Weave

Weaving can refer to two different things: creating garments on handloom or weaving baskets out of natural materials like rafters and bamboos. Regardless of your preference, learning to weave is a valuable addition to your skill set.

Learn to master yourself and your surroundings, and begin weaving garments and baskets exactly how you want them.

#50. Learn How to Build a Basic Shelter

No matter who you are, knowing how to construct a basic shelter is a survival skill that everyone should have. Emergencies don’t normally knock on your door or give you advance notice.

As a result, you might consider planning ahead of time to deal with the scenario. The good news is that numerous websites provide free access to this information and other survival skills. Consider adding this expertise to your portfolio today if you have no experience building outdoor emergency shelters.

You never know when you’ll need an outdoor shelter to protect yourself from the harsh realities of being trapped in the elements.


While this list includes fifty of the most interesting and cool skills to learn in 2021, there are many more skills you can study for the purpose of knowledge or to earn some additional money in your spare time. While watching movies and eating popcorn can be a nice way to pass the time, what’s even better is passing time creatively by learning enjoyable and valuable skills.

The good thing about learning a new skill is that it gives you an entirely new advantage over those who don’t. Learning a new talent might also offer you with the information you need to launch your own side business and build it at your pace to professional standard.

Consider picking a skill from this list and adding it into your holiday calendar the next time you’re thinking about how to spend your holiday or vacation. Try as many skills as you want, but keep in mind that you should only do one at a time.

The optimal method to skill development is to focus on one or two skills at a time and finish your training before moving on to another. You are one talent richer and have a greater chance than the individual who does not have that skill for every new skill you learn.

If you decide to try out any of the talents on this list, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience. We’d be delighted to hear from you.



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