How to Make a Mindfulness Jar For Kids?

How to Make a Mindfulness Jar For Kids?

The mindfulness jar is a fun activity to do with your kid and a terrific tool for calming down. The Calming Glitter Jar is an effective mindfulness aid for adults and children. The Calming Jar also provides a useful method of “meditating” with a restless child. The objective is for your youngster to become independent in using the jar on his own when he is going through challenging emotions. 

A Mindfulness Jar can be a great tool if you’re looking for a way to help your kids learn to calm down and focus. It’s simple: put some glitter in a jar, put it somewhere your child can see it every day, and let them do what they want! The point is not just decoration but also giving them something tangible that we know helps us because we’ve seen it work with friends who use them.

What is a Mindfulness Jar?

A mindfulness jar is a great way to teach your kids about mindfulness and stress management. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to promote healthy habits in your child. The idea behind the practice of putting something in your child’s jar each day is that it can help them learn what it feels like when they are stressed out or anxious, so they will have an idea of how their body responds when those emotions arise.

For example, if you put $1 every time the word “stress” comes up in conversation with your kids (and let them know how much this will cost), then over time, they’ll start seeing more instances where stress arises as well as feeling better after identifying these situations as stressful moments rather than non-events in life.

How a Glitter Jar Can Help Kids Control Their Feelings

One of the best ways to help kids with their feelings is by getting them involved in some sensory experience. For example, glitter can be an excellent way to help them focus on their feelings and identify what they’re feeling. Another way is by writing about those feelings on paper or coloring them in a journal (which we’ll discuss later). This will provide your child with an outlet for expressing themselves and allow you to talk about how it makes you feel when someone else says something negative about you.

Finally, glitter jars are an excellent way for children who struggle with controlling their emotions or expressing themselves due to not knowing how they feel inside; they don’t know how they should act around others based on their personal experience, so it’s hard sometimes!

For example, A child might think that yelling at another person would solve everything but instead ends up making things worse rather than better. Why? Because then everyone remembers what happened instead of just thinking back over their actions afterward, which could lead to tomorrow when there might be no resolution.

How to Make a Mindfulness Jar

For this exercise, you may use a plastic water bottle, a mason jar, or a spice jar. Use glitter that sinks rather than floats, please. The glitter’s descent is slowed considerably by adding glycerin to the water.

If you’d rather not use glitter, you may create a more environmentally friendly version by using various colored beads, a solution of food coloring and oil, or even leftover LEGO pieces from around the home.

Water should fill the jar. Give your kids the choice of three glitter colors to reflect their ideas, emotions, and actions (or “urges to do things”). Add a few drops of food coloring and a few pinches of the glitter of each hue to the water, which will represent their thinking. Use the jar’s lid or duct tape to close it.

Swirl and flip the jar as they mention each occurrence to show how it gets difficult to keep track of and see our thoughts, emotions, and impulses clearly.

Find out from the kids what will cause the glitter in the jar to whirl. Encourage responses that reflect both upsetting occurrences (such as disputes with siblings or sports defeats) and upbeat ones (such as receiving high grades or meeting new friends), as well as both front (such as ill siblings) and background events (scary stories on the news). Swirl and flip the jar as they mention each occurrence to show how it gets difficult to keep track of and see our thoughts, emotions, and impulses clearly.

How to Use a Glitter Jar for Mindfulness

A Mindfulness Jar can help kids learn to control their feelings and calm themselves down. A mindfulness jar is a great way to help your child learn how to control their emotions and calm themselves down.

This approach has several versions, depending on what you wish to stress. The children’s emotions are represented through various colors. Using a few plastic beads to symbolize actions and then waiting until the behaviors separate from thoughts and emotions are some more versions. Children might also attempt to concentrate on one hue, one glittery piece until it settles, or even all of them.

Your dialogue may read something like this:

  • The jar is like our mind, and each color of glitter represents something different in our mind.
  • Let’s put red for thoughts, gold for feelings, and silver for urges to do things. (Pour in a little bit of glitter with each comment.)
  • Now we seal up the jar. (Put the lid on the jar and seal it.) Then we start our day.
  • We wake up, and things are pretty settled. We can see that clearly. (Show how all the glitter has settled on the bottom of the jar.)
  • But pretty soon, things start swirling around. Maybe we are running late (swirl the jar). Our big sister eats the last pancake for breakfast, leading to a fight (shake the jar). We hear scary things on the news on the car ride to school (swirl the jar). We get to school and find out we aced the test (shake the jar).
  • Now it’s only a few minutes into the school day, and we can’t see clearly because our thoughts, feelings, and urges are getting in the way.
  • So what is the one thing we can do to get the glitter to settle and see clearly again?
  • Be still! And what happens when we are still? We can see clearly again.
  • There is also no way to rush being still. We can’t push all the glitter down to the bottom. We have to watch and wait. No amount of effort will make it settle sooner.
  • When things become clear, we’ll know the wise next thing to do. One definition of wisdom is seeing things as they are and choosing how to act.
  • While we wait, does the glitter go away? No, it stays at the bottom. Our thoughts, feelings, and urges are still in our minds, but they are no longer in our way, clouding our vision.

When complete, a glitter jar may be used as a visual timer for other techniques, such as breathing exercises. For instance, you may shake the jar and instruct the group to take several deep breaths while waiting for the glitter to settle.

We don’t wish to suppress our desires, ideas, or emotions. We want them out of the way so that we may see appropriately without interference. Some families utilize the jar as a “calm-down jar to identify and track calm-down time.” When there is a disagreement, the whole family should ideally use the calm-down jar together: “Right now, we are all unhappy and have a lot of ideas and emotions. So lets all pause until the calm-down jar’s glitter has settled before we resume speaking.


We hope this article has given insight into making a Mindfulness Jar and why it’s such an essential tool for your family. This may be the perfect way to help your kids learn about mindfulness at home or as part of their daily routine. We think it could be a great gift for any occasion, too!

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