20 Websites to Learn Coding For Free

Websites to Learn Coding For Free

It makes sense to start by teaching yourself to code by utilizing all the free learn-to-code materials available online if you are completely new to the world of coding and web development. If you’re interested in learning web development, there are many resources available and websites to learn coding for free. Before spending money on a particular coding language or set of classes, you may find out what you enjoy and don’t like by making use of these tools as you learn to code for free. You’ll be able to harness your desire to continue learning how to code online most effectively once you’ve gone through enough free coding tutorials to identify that route.

The good news about learning to code for the web is that you don’t have to attend a traditional school. You don’t have to go through the traditional school route where you have to attend classes and spend hours of your time learning how to code. You can learn online!

This article highlights the best websites to learn to code for free and what you need to know before getting started. 

Introducing HTML, CSS and JavaScript 


HTML and CSS are the two most basic languages for coding websites. They are used to define the structure and style of a website, respectively. Both languages have their syntaxes, but both use tags to indicate where content should be placed on your page.

HTML is the syntax that defines how you can display text on your web page, while CSS defines what kind of look you want to achieve with your text or images (for example: bold, italicized). Together they make up what is called “markup” which means they tell computers how they should treat certain pieces of data (or “tags”) within an HTML document so it appears correctly on screen when people view it through their browsers like Chrome/Firefox/IE etc…


JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It’s also used to create animations and games, web applications, and desktop applications.

JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 as part of Netscape Navigator 3.0 (the first browser with JavaScript support) and has since become one of the most popular languages for writing client-side scripts on websites today.

20 Websites to Learn Coding For Free – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 

Many places teach web development, but one of the best is Udemy where they have courses on HTML5 programming and CSS3 coding. If these topics interest you or if they aren’t quite what he or she needs yet then there are other options as well such as Treehouse which offers courses on Ruby on Rails (a popular web framework) or Code Academy which specializes in JavaScript programming basics like variables, loops, and other functions. Let’s take a look at 30 great websites where you can learn closing for free. 

The numbers do not denote their rankings. We use them to improve readability. 

#1 – Codecademy

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One of the most well-liked free coding tutorial websites for novices is Codecademy. You may study programming and other technical skills on their site. It is well-deserving of its status as one of the top free coding websites. The core concept of Codecademy is interactive learning, which means that you can read a bit, input your code directly into the browser, and get results right away.

They provide free training in a variety of programming languages, including HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Angularjs, and more.

#2 – freeCodeCamp

Quincy Larson founded this free online coding school, which first teaches you how to code using a pre-established curriculum (which takes up over 3,000 hours in total), and then it gives you practical experience working on various projects. It’s ideal for students who want to learn how to code online while gaining useful, hands-on experience that will impress hiring managers when they put their tech experience on a resume. They have several free coding projects, such as a budget app, a people finder microservice, and a cat picture app.

Free coding certificates are available for Node.js, React, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data visualization, and more.

#3 – Udemy

Udemy provides both for-pay and no-cost online coding courses. The web development category presently offers more than 1,000 free courses. Remember that anybody may create a course on Udemy, so be sure to check reviews. Keep an eye out for Udemy offers and vouchers if you decide to take a premium coding course.

Websites to Learn Coding For Free

#4 – Codewars

A novel and entertaining approach to learning coding is through the game Codewars. The program’s martial arts concept is centered on tests known as “kata.” To get honor and advance to higher tiers, finish the beginner’s coding tutorials. If you’re driven by a little gamification, this is a great way to learn to program online! In the end, learning to code is simpler when you love it.

They provide coding challenges in a variety of languages, including JavaScript, Clojure, SQL, Python, Ruby, Java, and more.

#5 – Coursera

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With its expert and diverse course offerings, Coursera is one of the finest sites to learn to code for free. The website offers a sizable collection of online courses given by reputable university instructors or well-known corporations (i.e., Google, IBM). Although all courses are free, you can pay for a “Coursera Verified Certificate” (prices range from $30 to $100) to demonstrate course completion. Sometimes purchasing a certificate also gives you access to materials that are not included in the free editions. 

Additionally, Coursera provides online degrees and “Specializations,” which are groupings of courses on a particular subject and often conclude with a capstone project.

#6 – SoloLearn

Anyone may learn to code on SoloLearn, a social learning platform. Because it is mobile-based and allows users to learn to code on the move on any device, it differs from other free coding course providers. It makes learning to code entertaining and is available for download for free. It has bite-sized courses, achievements to unlock, and interactive quizzes.

They provide coding instruction in Java, Python, C++, data science, Go, coding for marketers, and many more languages.

#7 – edX

edX is another excellent site where you can learn to code for free online. It is an open-source higher education program overseen by MIT and Harvard. Under the “computer science” area, the website provides hundreds of excellent courses that teach different coding languages. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest websites to learn coding for free because it offers courses from prestigious colleges like Harvard and MIT.

Java, C#Python, AWS, cybersecurity, machine learning, and many other programming languages are available as free courses on the platform.

#8 – The Odin Project

The Odin Project offers a coding education for modern-day warriors. The Odin Project is an open-source, free version, and it was developed by the same people that created Thinkful, a renowned online coding school. You may check-in for help from other students utilizing the online chat group while you learn to code for free using their programming lessons.

Available technical topics include Ruby programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, and Ruby on Rails.

#9 – Udacity

Nearly 200 free coding courses are available at Udacity, along with “Nanodegrees” that prepare you for jobs like front-end web developer or data analyst. There is no cost for the course materials, however, Nanodegrees have a tuition charge.

#10 – Khan Academy

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The web page of Khan Academy boasts that “You can learn anything,” and among the numerous disciplines it offers are many on computer programming. Kids can also learn to code for free because a few free coding classes are available for younger children, too!

They provide a variety of coding materials, including JS, HTML/CSS, and SQL.

#11 – Upskill

Free web development Bootcamp with projects. By creating a fictitious firm called DevMatch, which will teach you how to write functionality seen in websites like Facebook, Dropbox, and Salesforce, you can learn to code for free on Upskill.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Git, Bootstrap, and other subjects are covered in class.

#12 – GA Dash

GA Dash is a free coding for beginners platform from General Assembly. It is completely project-based, and with each tutorial, you develop a “project,” making it perfect for individuals who want to get their hands dirty while learning to code online.

They are one of the few free sites for learning to code that provides a course on creating a Tumblr theme from scratch. They also offer free HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design coding projects.

#13 – The Code Player

This free coding website offers a selection of online coding courses with videos that will guide you step-by-step through a procedure. Useful for online coding education with “smaller” projects or tasks completed one at a time.

There are free HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Regex, and JQuery coding lessons accessible.

#14 – W3Schools

The largest online developer site in the world, W3Schools, is ideal for beginning programmers since it provides free coding lessons and reference materials for learning just about every area of web programming. You may use their online editor to do coding tasks and take tests to evaluate your progress as a self-taught coder.

Free coding lessons are available for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, jQuery, and more languages.

#15 – Coderbyte

Coding is best learned by doing. With the help of their collection of more than 300 coding problems and answers, Coderbyte teaches you the fundamentals of popular programming languages while allowing you to hone your new abilities.

Free coding exercises in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS, and more languages

#16 – Code.org

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Code.org offers educational resources designed primarily to increase the number of female and underrepresented group students who pursue professions in computer science. Although their free coding classes are intended for K–12 pupils, anybody may benefit from them. Build projects in lab classes or start with their brief Hour of Code lessons. Courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and block programming are available.

#17 – Classpert

You can browse and compare online courses in computer science, data science, business, and other subjects using the search engine Classpert. You’ll have a ton of options because it can search through 235,000 premium and free courses from more than 25 of the greatest paid and free coding websites. To choose the perfect course for you, you may even see course previews and compare syllabuses side by side. It’s a fantastic strategy to cut through the clutter and locate coding courses that are ideal for your objectives.

#18 – Alison

Online coding courses with certifications are available for free from Alison. Numerous free online coding courses on subjects like network and security, software tools, software engineering, hardware, data science, game programming, and more can be found in its technology/IT area. Currently, Alison offers more than 2,000 free courses.

#19 – CodeGym

This site for learning to code focuses on online Java programming lessons that are 80% practice-based. Once you start the free coding lessons, you’ll almost instantly start creating code, completing 1200+ programming challenges, and seeing immediate results. You can also learn on the go with their Android app and your versions of classic games. 

#20 – DigitalOcean

More than 4,000 development and sysadmin training may be found on this free coding website. The platform for learning programming includes videos, blogs, blog entries, tutorials, and instructions.


We hope that the above tips have been helpful and inspiring for you to start learning website coding. You’ve just learnt about a ton of the top free resources for learning to code! When you’re just starting, making use of all the free internet coding tools available is unquestionably the best course of action.

Even the finest free coding classes, though, often only get you so far. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you should start looking at paid resources for more of the top ways to learn coding at the intermediate and advanced levels. If you’re interested in learning more about other topics check out other interesting topics on our blog!

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